VIDEO: Explosions rock Istanbul after terrible warehouse fire



Thick black smoke rises from the site of the fire.

Gulf Today Report

Huge explosions rocked the Turkish capital Istanbul on Friday after a horrific fire broke out in the largest warehouse of household and logistics equipment in the densely populated Esenerot district.

The explosion would be an accident whose causes are not yet known, according to local media.

The fire suddenly broke out in the eastern part of the warehouse, which covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters and contains 13,000 tonnes of stored materials.

The fire consumed the entire warehouse.

A cloud of smoke covered the surrounding neighborhoods, residents of Istanbul have reported respiratory problems.

Authorities have dispatched 40 fire engines and hundreds of firefighters are at the site of the blaze.

The authorities are preparing to evacuate entire neighborhoods if the fire is not brought under control within a few hours.

Police also evacuated 12 shopping and marketing centers in the area and closed all roads leading to the fire area.

The latest incident came as Turkey witnessed a wave of massive forest fires, in which tens of thousands of hectares of forest land in the southwest of the country were devoured by fire .



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