Veteran Yeşilçam actor dies at 83




YeÅŸilçam’s master director and screenwriter Kartal Tibet died on July 1 at the age of 83.

Actress Civan Canova announced Tibet’s death on her Instagram account, saying, “Goodbye, my brother Kartal. I will miss you so much.”

Born in Ankara in 1938, Tibet, a graduate of the Theater Department of Ankara University State Conservatory, has made a great contribution to Turkish cinema with nearly 200 films he has produced. His films, in which he
performed and staged, are considered one of the classics of Yeşilçam, also known as Turkish Hollywood.

In 1961, Tibet was among the founders of Ankara’s first private theater, Meydan Sahne.

Tibet began cinema with the film “KaraoÄŸlan”. He later appeared in film versions of Sezgin Burak’s cartoon character “Tarkan” and in many melodramas such as “Sarmaşık Gülleri” and “BoÅŸ Çerçeve” as well as in many literary adaptations such as “Zambaklar Açarken” and “ÇalıkuÅŸu”.

Tibet, who made his directorial debut with the film “Tosun Pasha” in 1977, has directed 56 films – most of them doing well at the box office – in more than 20 of which the late veteran actor Kemal Sunal played. He has contributed to YeÅŸilçam with nearly 200 films and has been deemed worthy of numerous awards.

The most recent Tibetan films he made are “Dünya’yı Kurtaran Adamın O” lu ”and“ Amerikalılar Karadeniz’de 2 ”in 2006.




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