Turkish Ministry of National Defense releases film in support of Azerbaijan [PHOTO/VIDEO]


By Vugar Khalilov

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense has released a film in support of Azerbaijan, reports Azernews.

“We are brothers, one nation, two states. On the 104th anniversary of the liberation of Baku from Bolshevik-Dashnak occupation, we salute the heroic Azerbaijani army and our noble Azerbaijani brothers, who resolutely suppressed the actions aggressive and provocative of Armenia!” stressed the ministry.

Meanwhile, “the ‘Iron Fist’ is in effect,” Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Cahit Bagchi said, referring to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s speech against Armenian claims to Karabakh at an event marking the independence of Baku in 1918.

He pointed out that thanks to the heroic warriors, a major victory was achieved in the Second Karabakh War, and Karabakh was liberated from Armenian occupation after almost 30 years.

“Today there are martyrs who gave their lives for their homeland. May Allah rest their souls,” Bagchi said.

In addition, MEP Tomasz Poreba said that it is necessary to adopt an objective position on the armed hostilities between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

“We have to be objective about our position regarding the clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan. For a long time, Armenia has been a close ally of Russia (with all the foreseeable consequences) while Azerbaijan has always been a loyal and strategic friend of Poland and the West,” he said. wrote on Twitter.

On September 15, Azerbaijan marks the 104th anniversary of the liberation of Baku from the occupation of Armenian and Bolshevik units by the Islamic Caucasus Army.

The Caucasus Islamic Army led by Turkish commander Nuru Pasha together with the new Azerbaijani National Army and volunteers liberated Baku from Armenian and Bolshevik occupation on September 15, 1918. After the liberation, Baku was declared the capital of the Democratic Republic Azerbaijan, which became the first democratic republic in the Muslim East.

A total of 1,132 Caucasian Islamic Army fighters were martyred during the liberation of Baku.

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