Turkey’s questionable commitment to the Paris climate agreement



Ankara [Turkey], Oct. 17 (ANI): Turkey’s parliament ratified the Paris climate agreement earlier this month, making it the last G20 country to do so, after waiting for years because of what he saw injustices in his responsibilities under the agreement.

Nearly 353 members of the Turkish parliament ratified the agreement unanimously on October 6, according to a press report.

Ankara – which has been a signatory to the Paris agreement since April 2016 – had not ratified the agreement, arguing that it should not be considered a developed country under the agreement, an article said. opinion of Sergio Restelli for InsideOver.

Turkey ratified the agreement as a developing country and would implement it as long as it did not “infringe its right to economic and social development,” said a statement approved by parliament.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) currently classifies Turkey in the Annex I group, described as an industrialized country. However, Ankara sent a proposal to the UNFCCC secretariat in Bonn to have its name removed from the list in Annex I.

Restelli further mentioned that when Turkey became a party to the UNFCCC, the first thing it did was boost coal production through royalties. And when it became a party to the Kyoto Protocol, Turkey pioneered the model of electricity generation through royalties. So, he invented a model like “Climate Change Model with Charges”.

Ankara has always viewed the climate as money. He followed a more or less ‘Let me change the climate and get paid for it’ policy. In 2011, development banks devoted 90% of their climate funds to hydroelectric power stations (HEPP).

Hopefully Turkey will be a party to the Paris Agreement. Thus, it will have a loan of $ 3 billion. The money that should be allocated to climate change prevention will be channeled to the Kanal Istanbul project.

Restelli further said in his opinion piece for InsideOver that more funds would be raised through price increases. The untold story of the Paris Agreement can be seen as a tragedy. It has money and loans, asphalt, concrete, coal-oil-gas, even air conditioners and hydroelectric plants. But you can’t find the trace of people or climate conservation. (ANI)



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