Turkey, the country most exposed to fake news in the world: Altun


Of all the countries in the world, Turkey is the most exposed to fake news, Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun said on Sunday.

During the joint opening meeting of the workshops “National Strategic Communication Policy” and “Fight against disinformation”, which were held simultaneously in Istanbul with the participation of eminent personalities of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), groups of Reflection, media, public and academia, Altun stressed that disinformation is one of the greatest threats to the contemporary culture in which we live.

“In Germany, only nine reports out of 100 are false, 15 in England, 12 in France. When we look at this point, we see that Turkey is the country which knows the most about this global problem of disinformation,” he said. note. Altun attributed the disturbing reality to the transformation that has taken place in favor of Turkey as a nation and its national interests, stressing that the disinformation campaign is motivated by the desire to stop the positive developments under the leadership of the President. “There is a very intense alliance of international actors to eliminate the gains made by Turkey, and their most fundamental tool is the policy of disinformation,” he said.

Turkey is going through a time when it is bombarded with disinformation, Altun said, describing it as a tool that replaces information dominance in the modern age by replacing and discrediting facts.

Stressing that disinformation is not only Turkey’s problem, but the global problem, Altun continued, “Turkey is the country that focuses the most on disinformation campaigns on the international stage.” He said attempts have been made to catch and stop Turkey after it postponed its past approach in line with developments it has made over the past 20 years, adding that at this point, “the industry of lies “has mobilized all its political disinformation, making Turkey the object of disinformation campaigns in the process.

Stating that disinformation is a wave that lays the foundation for populism, racism, radicalism and terrorism, as its impact can be seen on the world stage today, Altun said, “As can be seen in Turkey, the politics of disinformation leads to ghettoization and polarization in the social, political and cultural spheres. Altun stressed that this is a process, but at this point it is an element that undermines the social structure, national unity and integrity of Turkey.

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