Turkey stops Syrian national planning bombing in capital


Turkish security forces arrested a Syrian national on July 1 who was preparing to commit a terrorist act during an operation in the capital.

Police teams arrested 10 Syrian nationals in two vehicles in Ankara and seized a cell phone from one of the suspects that was ready to be connected to an explosive device.

Following recent operations against the terrorist organization PKK / KCK and its Syrian branch the PYD / YPG, Turkish intelligence units have determined that the PYD / YPG is preparing to commit terrorist acts, security sources have said. at the Anadolu agency.

Profiling experts working in international risk analysis groups formed under the leadership of the Intelligence and Counterterrorism branch of the Ankara Police Department tracked down the suspects, who were determined to have entered illegally. the country from Syria.

Stepping up the investigation with instructions received from the Ankara General Prosecutor’s Office, security teams examined the digital documents seized from the suspects.

From the documents reviewed by the Digital and Cyber ​​Analysis Police Unit, it was determined that the prime suspect was trained by the terrorist group along with two other suspects.

Photos of the suspects wearing uniforms of the organization’s so-called special forces with long-barreled weapons were also found among the documents.

Police teams launched an operation and caught the other two suspects, who were in contact with the main suspect.

Later, photos of prepared explosives in Syria were found during the investigation.


A special team of experts from various security departments, including the intelligence and counterterrorism unit and the mine clearance and bomb investigation branch, has been formed to question the detainees.

The main suspect confessed that he entered Turkey to carry out a bomb attack, adding that he was part of the PYD / YPG terrorist group in Syria for seven months with one of the other suspects.

The teams determined that the suspects were operating in Syria for the terrorist organization and had received ideological and armed training and had dug tunnels and culverts for the terrorist group.

It was also learned that the main suspect, trained in explosives, had been sent to Turkey to carry out a bomb attack when he was offered money.

Security forces also arrested those who facilitated the suspect’s illegal entry into Turkey.

Suspects arrested

The three suspects, who after questioning were transferred to a courthouse on charges of belonging to an armed terrorist organization and attempting to carry out a bomb attack on behalf of the PYD / YPG, were arrested and three other suspects were released under bail.

Other foreign nationals who entered Turkey illegally were handed over to the provincial migration authority for the necessary procedures.

Efforts continue to catch other members of the terrorist organization who were identified by the suspects during the investigation and determined by the intelligence and counterterrorism unit teams.

In its more than 35-year terrorist campaign against Turkey, the PKK – listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the United States and the European Union – was responsible for the deaths of at least 40,000 people, including women, children and infants. The YPG are the Syrian offshoot of the PKK.

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