Turkey detains 13 ISIS suspects


Turkey has arrested 13 Islamic State (IS) suspects during police raids in the southern province of Mersin, public broadcaster TRT reported.

Police revealed on Friday that the suspects had entered the country illegally and that some of them were allegedly responsible for money transfers on behalf of the group.

While examining a hard drive belonging to a previously detained suspect, police found numerous photographs of the group’s members, as well as footage of the extremist group’s conflicts, executions and propaganda and broadened the scope of the investigation.

An operation was carried out at the homes of 14 suspects on Friday morning with the participation of 200 police officers. Thirteen of the suspects were arrested and the search continued for the remaining person, Xinhua news agency reported.

The Turkish government designated ISIS as a terrorist organization in 2013, blaming the group for a series of deadly attacks in Turkey since 2015. Turkish counter-terrorism forces are carrying out operations against ISIS members in the country.

Turkey’s southern border with Syria has been a major crossing point for Syrians and foreign fighters since the crisis in the neighboring country began in 2011.



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