Tulsa River Parks Authority Progresses Turkey Mountain Update


Tulsa RiverParks Authority said it is making progress on a major Turkey Mountain update.

The trails are in the midst of a much needed update, and there are some things people should know before heading out.

It’s a rainy day at Turkey Mountain, but that doesn’t stop Pamela Olson from enjoying the outdoors. “Quite wet but really nice. A good break from the heat,” Olson said.

She said she loves the trails here. “There’s a nice hike through the trees, and then there’s one down, and there’s a little body of water there with beavers and beaver sticks,” she said. .

But Tulsa RiverParks strives to make the experience even better. “Our goal is to build approximately 25 miles of high-quality, sustainable trails,” says project manager Ryan Howell.

He said that in the past the trails at Turkey Mountain weren’t the best.

“I stopped racing here years ago, they’ll tell me, because it got too difficult and too technical, and now I’m able to come back and go racing,” Howell said.

Since November of last year, Tulsa RiverParks has been working to solve this problem and has so far built nine miles of trails.

However, Howell wants to remind people that when they go out, it’s important to be aware of construction and check for updated maps online.

“We want people to stay out of construction areas so when you get to this place and you see heavy equipment in front of you it means don’t proceed, there is no track in front of them” , Howell said.

He said three of the five phases of Turkey Mountain’s overall improvement plan are fully funded, with phase three ending in late summer or fall 2024.

On days with heavy rain, the RiverParks Authority asks people to stay off dirt trails to avoid erosion.


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