Trevor Noah calls out the title of India Arie’s Joe Rogan interview


Daily Show host Trevor Noah hosted singer India Arie to address the recent Joe Rogan-Spotify controversy. It was Arie who compiled the podcast using the n-word several times.

During the interview, Arie said she thought Rogan was “knowingly racist”, and some outlets, such as Mediaite, ran the quote; however, Noah did his best to let everyone know that the interview wasn’t just about that quote.

“WTF???,” Noah tweeted. “She also said she doesn’t hate Joe Rogan. She also said we need a path to redemption; she also said this is a complex issue. Stop using clickbait to make people more angry and hate each other. Her comments have nuance, and your tweet robs her of that!

Arie also said in his interview with Noah that Rogan said the racial slur to get people up and understood that saying that word was inappropriate.

“I think he was saying it because it got people excited. That’s why he would say it. He knew it was inappropriate, and I think the fact that he did it repeatedly and he was aware and knew, I think that’s being racist,” Arie said.

But as Noah said, Arie adds that being racist doesn’t necessarily make Rogan a bad person.

“I don’t think being racist necessarily makes you a bad person,” Arie said. “It makes you a person who was raised in our society (…) I don’t believe Joe Rogan didn’t know it was the atomic bomb of racial slurs.”

However, she issued a call to action for Rogan to tell her audience to stop harassing her online with the N-word.

“If you really want to lead your listeners down a new path, get them to the point where they don’t feel like it’s the right language to come into my DMs and call me an N-word,” Arie said.


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