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Toke and Tell Dispensary Gains State and City Approval

Posted 1:59 p.m. on Wednesday, November 9, 2022

NATCHEZ — The Mississippi State Department of Health has approved its second dispensary for Adams County.

Tina Bruce, a licensed counselor and owner of Bruce Professional Counseling Services, owns Toke and Tell LLC, which will open at 55 Seargent S. Prentiss Drive in the Trace Town Mall.

However, the proposed location of the Bruce Dispensary and its approval by the Natchez Planning Commission are controversial.

Bruce said the state application was approved on Oct. 23.

“We’ll have products on hand soon,” Bruce said. “I think we will open on the first of January.”

She said that as a counselor she sees the need for more options for her patients.

“I’ve worked as a licensed professional counselor and supervisor and with PTSD patients, and I think adults will benefit from this resource,” Bruce said. “I think that will be a positive thing for the future. I think cannabis will be great for patients.

The Natchez Planning Commission, at its October 20 meeting, approved a special exception to the city ordinance governing the location of medical marijuana dispensaries.

State law requires 1,500 feet between these dispensaries. However, the front door from Bruce’s proposed location in Trace Town to the front door of where The Highest Care dispensary will be located at 131 Jeff Davis Blvd Suite D l locate is less than 1 500. The planning commission voted 6-0 to allow Bruce to use the back entrance of his building instead of the front instead, which a poll found meets the 1,500 requirement. feet.

Planning commissions that voted in favor of the special exception for Bruce include Cheryl Rinehart, Charles Harris, Deborah Martin, Emma Rose Jackson, Marsha McCullough and Mildred Chapman.

The planning commissioners who were absent, therefore not voting on the measure, were Butch Johnson and Jonathan Smith.

City planner Frankie LeGaux recommended that the planning commission lay the matter down until it receives more information.

However, Bruce told commissioners she would close the current main entrance to her location and customers could use the back door.

Others who operate businesses at 55 Seargent S. Prentiss have expressed concern. There is no parking at the back of the building and no sidewalk or proper lighting.

“The city has approved the zoning ordinance that allows dispensaries as long as they are approved by the state and the planning commission,” said Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson. “It was approved by a unanimous vote of the commission. I think it is highly unlikely that the College of Aldermen will take any action on this.


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