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The use of chemical weapons is a crime in many international treaties and agreements. However, the occupying Turkish state continues to commit this crime in the eyes of the whole world on a daily basis. Although the use of this weapon against the Kurdish people and the guerrillas has been documented hundreds of times, the Turkish state has never been prosecuted and no state, institution or international organization has taken a position expressing responsibility. of the Turkish state for these crimes.

Chemical weapons have been used hundreds of times in addition to sophisticated weapons in the erasure war that began April 23, 2021 against the People’s Defense Forces, HPG, and HPG has said in previous months that the The Turkish state had used chemical weapons 367 times in its war against the guerrillas.

In southern Kurdistan, Kurdish organizations and figures gathered and published evidence from places where chemical attacks had taken place, and sent it to 28 relevant institutions and international organizations, including the United States and member states of the United States. ‘European Union.

Turkey’s Violations Committed Before the World’s Eyes in Accordance with International Laws and Principles

In this context, lawyer and member of the Union of Lawyers of the Euphrates Region, Azad Abdi declares that “Turkey’s use of chemical weapons has been established, it has been published in numerous newspapers. world leaders and proved it in their reports, knowing that, according to many international agreements and treaties, such weapons are internationally prohibited. “

The Azad Abdi Council explains that “after the world war, the use of chemical weapons was banned and 193 states around the world signed the Hague Convention. As a result, they signed a treaty on behalf of the Chemical Weapons Treaty in 1993, under which they are to ban the use of such weapons by any state in the world and set up committees to verify this by submitting reports. research by the Committee itself to hold chemical weapons users accountable. “

International law has prohibited the use of chemical weapons since 1899 under the Hague Convention, which prohibits the use of poisoned weapons. In general, article 23 of this law provides that the use of such weapons must not be used.

by 1993; The Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons is one of the most important treaties in international law, signed by 193 States in 1997. Its full name is the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons, which clearly provides for the prohibition of the production, stockpiling, use and destruction of chemical weapons when they are are reached.

Turkey and its officials must be held accountable for violating international laws. “

Azad Abdi adds: “Under these agreements, the investigative committee is to be established by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) based on the evidence that Turkey has used such weapons, investigated them and held responsible for Turkey after his conviction, in addition to the destruction of these weapons. “

Abdi notes that “when a state uses chemical weapons, although the fact-finding commission has been denied access to that state to investigate the use of such weapons, the Security Council must intervene in accordance with its Chapter VII, which is empowered to intervene in that State and to hold it and its officials responsible for violations of international law.

The council continues: “If we compare what is happening in South Kurdistan with these international laws and principles, especially since Turkey is one of the states that have ratified this convention, it must be held responsible for its violation. and its violation of international law, and if Turkey is not now held responsible, it will be later; it is inevitable that Turkey’s use of such weapons has been demonstrated to the eyes of the whole world. “

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