The title of the clickbait on the alleged assassination of Vladimir Putin is false


The title of a March 19 blog post begins with a word that grabs readers’ attention: urgent.

“The news that Russian President ‘Vladimir Putin’ has been assassinated by unknown armed forces,” he continues. “Russia declares a state of emergency.

The blog post is being shared on social media, but clicking the link and reading the headline reveals no more information about the alleged murder, but gibberish and what appear to be advertisements for work-from-home products.

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There’s nothing more in the blog post about Putin, let alone his death or Russia’s declaration of a state of emergency.

On March 18, Putin made his first public appearance – speaking at a rally in Moscow – since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Since then, there have been no reports of an assassination of the Russian president.


On March 3, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, R.S.C., suggested that someone should kill Putin, which the White House says Biden does not reflect the position of the U.S. government. President Joe Biden has called Putin a “murderous dictator” and a “pure thug”, and the New York Times reported on March 20 that Russia had summoned the US ambassador to Moscow to warn him that Biden’s name-calling had jeopardized the relations of the countries. .

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