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1. Boris Johnson orders return to face masks and isolation to slow omicron variant

Mandatory face covers will be re-imposed in stores and on public transport, along with mandatory 10-day self-isolation for those who come into contact with positive cases of the new variant of Covid-19, announced on Saturday. evening the Prime Minister.

While the first two UK cases of omicron have been confirmed in Brentwood, Essex and Nottingham, Boris Johnson has warned that “we need to slow the seeding of this variant” to “buy time” for scientists to establish if it escapes the existing Covid-19 vaccines. Read the full story.

2. The government asks to speed up the deployment of Covid recall jabs for people under 40 in the battle against omicron

Boris Johnson would like government scientists to speed up the deployment of the booster to the under-40s in an unusual step to combat the new omicron variant.

The prime minister said on Saturday that the government is also asking the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) to reduce the wait times for people between getting their second and third vaccines. Read the full story.

3. Boris Johnson’s Critical ‘Awakened’ Speakers Banned from Whitehall

Officials have been banned from inviting “awake” speakers who criticize Boris Johnson’s policies to address internal events at Whitehall, a leaked memo reveals.

An “official sensitive” email circulated through Whitehall warned that invitations should not be sent to people who have “denounced key government policies.” Read the full story.

4. Smugglers tell the family of a migrant who feared drowning in the English Channel that he had reached the UK

Smugglers told the family of a migrant who feared he had died in the Channel tragedy on Wednesday that he had reached the UK safely.

The Telegraph acquired an audio clip of a voicemail message left by the criminal gang hours after the hapless boat was put to sea, in an apparent attempt to secure full fare for the crossing. Read the full story.

5. BBC documentary claims palace “main source” aided in war against the Sussexes

It could have upended the palace, provoked introspection on the BBC, and rekindled the worst rumors of the Royal War Brothers.

But a controversial BBC documentary on Princes and the Press delivered a clear victory for one member of the royal family: his name. Read the full story.

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