The newspaper declares Biden boring. Washington never felt boring



The scorching summer heat in that country’s capital forced the sweaty confession: Washington has become pretty boring.

And some pundits blamed the 46th president.

Of course, this is more about leadership than entertainment for the masses, and more about governance than broadcasting news by cable. But these hot days are, at least, a radical cultural shift from the barking and howling that previously defined our politics.

One of the reasons for the trouble is that it doesn’t happen very often. Every week is an infrastructure week and nothing is lost. The immunization program is deadlocked and has dire consequences. President Biden’s drastic plans for helping families, community colleges, voting rights, police reform, gun control, climate change and immigration are moving nowhere.

“The show is over and the thrill is gone,” wrote Matthew Continetti of The Washington Free Beacon. “In the past, federal cities and their CEOs have encouraged national conversations, but President Biden has deliberately restricted his exposure to remain as unchallengeable as possible. is lying…

“After 12 years of celebrity presidents, current White House residents avoid social media, rarely do one-on-one interviews, and limit themselves to public events about once a day. 78 years old. Journalists shortlisted at press conferences often refer to notes and return to Delaware most weekends. “

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Biden has said on several occasions that he should get involved in the media more often, but all is not so good. He ran assuming Americans wouldn’t have to spend most of their waking hours worrying about what the president was doing and who he was attacking on Twitter. He wanted to be a calming option for Donald Trump.

This deliberately conservative approach left Biden’s approval rating above 50%, leaving banks with political capital. He is not a lightning rod like Barack Obama or Bill Clinton. Even conservative Continetti, who strongly opposes Biden’s policies, says, “No one bothers him personally.”

However, there is a price to be paid for not taking control of the news agenda. The vacuum leaves enough oxygen for Biden’s Republican opponents, making it difficult for him to rally the country and promote a tightly divided parliament.

It brings us Joe’s vocal skills.

Currently, the New York Times reports that Biden “often struggles to get to the top of potential speeches he gives in the office … the details of Mr. Biden’s speech often trip him too.” He admits to tweeting, tripping, pausing, and connecting in real time. A solution when he struggles with the dense material of the teleprompter. “After giving a statistically rich speech in Illinois, Biden said,” he admitted as he gave a “boring speech.”

Biden can deliver passionate speeches at times, but he has a tendency to get carried away with his own words and repeat lines he broke.

After spending 36 years in the Senate, Biden often falls into the lingo and speaks to Beltway. He always put the emphasis on words. During his short-lived White House candidacy in 1987, I wrote, “Joe Biden is trying to lead the way to the White House.

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Of course, as president, Biden has a team of talented speechwriters who can limit his unscripted moments, like meeting the press. Not all good speakers are good presidents, and not all good presidents are master speakers. But in the digital age, it doesn’t hurt.

Even Biden’s allies never saw him as a person on the move. FDR comparisons are fading. He does not direct personal loyalty which could lead to political pressure on rebel enemies or on Joe Manchin. I like him but I’m not afraid.

It can bring a very lackluster July, but more importantly, it’s hard for this president to bend Congress to his will.



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