The lawyer refuses to defend the burglars

Fevzi Kızılkoyun-Ankara

A lawyer has refused to defend a client after learning that the suspect and his accomplices stole items from the Turkish Red Crescent warehouse.


Last week, burglars broke into the Red Crescent logistics center in the southern province of Antakya district in Hatay. The center is used to store aid materials to distribute to people in need.

Among other things, burglars stole diapers, dolls, children’s coats, shirts, sweaters, shoes, air conditioners, 400 liters of diesel fuel and 12 tires with a total value of 300,000 Turkish liras ( around $22,000).

Police launched an operation after viewing CCTV footage inside the building and apprehended four people in connection with the burglary.

One of the suspects called his lawyer, Canan Turunç, when he was transferred to the police headquarters.

Turunç then arrived at the police station to see her client. However, at the police station, he learned that the suspect had broken into the Red Crescent premises and stolen the items inside.

Turunç refused to take up the case, saying she cannot defend someone who stole goods meant to be distributed to people in need.


“He should suffer the consequences,” the lawyer said.

The court ruled for the other three suspects, including Turunç’s client, while one suspect, who was driving the vehicle in which the stolen items were loaded, was released on bail.

“I went to the police station when my client called me and told me he had been taken into custody. I felt very bad when I learned what they had done,” Turunç recalls.

She asked the client if he was involved in this burglary in the presence of the police.

“No way, I can defend such a person, even if you pay me a million lira… that was my answer,” Turunç said, noting that she had not been appointed by the local bar association.



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