Teachers’ canoes to get to school

Zülal Atagün – MUĞLA

A secondary school environmentalist teacher from the southwestern province of Marmaris district in Muğla prefers to use his canoe to travel to school about 19 kilometers from his home.


If the weather conditions do not allow him to canoe, he uses his bicycle.

“I go canoeing or pedaling so as not to harm nature,” said Cihan Şen, who is studying information technology at İnci Narin Yerlici Secondary School in Orhaniye district.

His house is in the Selimiye district, some 19 kilometers from the sea and some 14 kilometers from the road.

If the weather is nice, he gets up at 5 am and takes his canoe. It takes him three hours to reach school.

On other days, he uses his bicycle to go to school. “I arrive at school after an hour’s journey,” he noted.

Saying he has always been sensitive to nature, Şen added that he “never had a driver’s license and always used public transport” until he found work in Marmaris.

“Trekking and pedaling has always been part of my life, I love the sport so much,” he said.


Proud to be a member of an association working on legacies, Şen said one of the things that gives him a boost in life is helping with peanut and olive harvesting.



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