Syrians living in Turkey travel to Syria for bittersweet vacation



Refugees in Turkey returning to Syria for the upcoming Qurban Bayram, also known as Eid al-Adha, are happy to spend it with their families and loved ones, but are concerned about the ongoing war and violence .

Syrians in Turkey continue to cross the border posts of Cilvegözü in Reyhanlı district in Hatay and Öncüpınar in Kilis province. Those who can enter Syria until July 18 are allowed to return to Turkey before December 31.

Separated for six years, Mohammed Ammadi, 18, from Idlib told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he had to be separated from his parents because of the war. He said he arrived in Turkey six years ago with a relative who was injured in an Assad regime airstrike and traveled to Istanbul with his relative, but that he had never been able to return to his country.

“I am very happy to celebrate (Eid) with my parents, whom I have not seen for six years, who have stayed in Idlib. I have been waiting for two years to return to Idlib,” he said. “I thank Allah, I will finally see them.”

Family meeting

Necim Suman, 26, said he would be reunited with his family in Idlib after three years.

“I thank Allah for being treated. I could not find my family for two years because of the pandemic. I am very happy to meet them on this feast. I thank those who contributed to the opening of the border, ”he said, adding that he came to Turkey because of his illness.

Ahmet Osman, 21, said he lost relatives in air strikes seven years ago in Syria and was separated from his mother for four years. “I hope that this war will end and that there will be peace in our country,” he said.

Turkey now hosts nearly 4 million Syrian migrants who have had to flee their country.



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