Sheriff comes up with idea to tackle supply chain delays


Lincoln County Sheriff Todd Brackett may have found a way around long delivery times for ordered equipment. On November 16, he offered to order equipment, such as cruisers, earlier in the year to make up for an expected 22-week delivery period for cruisers. In April, commissioners approved the purchase of three cruisers that still have not been delivered. Commissioners approved a fourth allowing Brackett’s request to purchase a 2022 Ford Interceptor hybrid utility vehicle for the criminal investigation unit.

The new vehicle will not be delivered until March. But Brackett wants to avoid long future waits by starting the bidding process earlier. He offered to start the application process in January instead of April. “We ordered three vehicles in April which we still have not received. I think speeding up the tendering process can get around this problem, ”he said.

Commissioners authorized the purchase of an unmarked cruiser for $ 36,401 from Quirk Auto Group. Brackett said the hybrid vehicle costs $ 4,000 more than a non-hybrid model. He expects the more expensive purchase to be more economical in the future due to current gas price trends.

Brackett also received approval to purchase 27 sets of all-season tires for the department’s fleet. The Commissioners approved two sets of invoices from Lee’s Tire and Service of Brunswick. One invoice was $ 4,265. The second was $ 7,633.76.

In another action, county emergency management agency director Casey Stevens submitted his list of FY21 Homeland Security grants. County qualifies for $ 88,139.51 in federal funding HSG. The priority list has six designations for funding. For sheriff’s service, automatic license plate reader, $ 25,499.43; wired communication system, $ 4,000; all-terrain vehicles, $ 17,000; and trailer, $ 9,000.

For cybersecurity enhancement, Arctic Wolf computer software, $ 3,000; Microsoft Office 365 software, $ 700; Barracuda Essentials Complete Protection, $ 600; and Quarterly e-learning, $ 2,500. For special teams and rescue work group, bulletproof vest, $ 16,340.08. For the special team and search and rescue, uniforms, $ 800; and GPS units, $ 1,200. For Special Team-Devon Strike Team (Haz-Mat), $ 5,000; amateur radio from the special team, $ 2,500.

Commissioners are also using stimulus funds from the American Rescue Plan Act to fund communications center security improvements. The commissioners approved $ 2,690 for the reconfiguration of the walls of the center. The commissioners also approved $ 152,000.08 to replace the dispatch console. The purchase of a third communications center cost $ 2,759.50. This will convert the radio traffic into signals in the new digital format.

Commissioners also authorized the purchase of a new baler for Lincoln County Recycling in Wiscasset. The new baler costs $ 453,857, which includes a steel surcharge, hydraulic stamper, conveyor feed hopper, 550 gallons of oil, freight delivery from North Carolina and l ‘installation. Kipfer reported that the county received a rebate of $ 20,000 from Recycling Mechanical of New England in Allentown, New Hampshire.

“The company has a good relationship with Casella Waste Management which has helped us earn a discount,” said Kipfer.

The commissioners held an executive session to discuss two legal issues. The commissioners will then meet at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, December 7.

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