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After more than 11 years of Syrian crisis, the policy of the Turkish state – which intervened in Syrian affairs to achieve its goals – has failed and the mask has fallen.

On more than one occasion, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has expressed his real ambitions in Syria and Iraq and the dreams of the defunct Ottoman Empire to nibble away at vast territories of both countries, considering them as territories belonging to his Ottoman ancestors, from which he launched his aggression on Syrian lands. His mercenary groups occupied many areas in Syria.

With the onset of the Syrian crisis, the AKP government embraced groups of mercenaries from all over the world, made efforts to train, arm and send them to Syrian territory, and openly opened its borders to the Syrian people. to move them from their homes and use them. like a pressure card to blackmail the world with, like he does now.

At the beginning of 2016, the so-called “Syrian opposition”, which turned into a mercenary for the Turkish occupation state, lost most of the areas it controlled in Syria, with a barter between the Turkish occupation and Russia, in addition to the displacement of the inhabitants of these areas from their homes, and their installation in the last pocket of Turkey and its mercenaries. In northern Syria, displaced people from these areas realized that getting caught up in the illusions of occupation was not working, and that Turkey was exploiting them to push its colonial interests in the region and change the demographic structure. after forcibly moving more than 350 thousand displaced citizens of Afrin from their homes.

And Turkish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu recently said that his country was ready to provide all political support to the government in Damascus, to fight the Democratic Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces, in light of its threats to launch a broader and more comprehensive aggression against northern and eastern Syria.

Residents of occupied areas, from Jarablus to the northern Syrian city of Idlib, have risen up against the Turkish occupation state and its policies. They also burned the Turkish flag and pictures of its president, “Erdogan”, calling on the Turkish occupation army to leave the occupied Syrian north.

For its part, the Turkish occupation army fired live ammunition at the demonstrators, which resulted in the death of a child and injuries to several demonstrators in the town of Azaz, in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

Pre-agreement between Damascus and Ankara

In this regard, the spokesman of the Afrin – Syria Human Rights Organization, Ibrahim Sheikho, said that Turkey had turned the Syrian opposition into mercenaries, especially when it exchanged with the government of Damascus. zones in exchange for zones. The compass of the Syrian revolution is to fight the Kurds and leave the regime.

Emphasizing that these mercenaries known as the “Syrian National Army” have committed various types of crimes and violations in the occupied areas such as Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, stressing that these crimes constitute war crimes.

In his speech, Sheikho also drew attention to the Damascus government’s silence regarding the crimes of the Turkish occupation in occupied northern Syria, and said that “his very timid statements are clear evidence of a prior agreement between the Damascus government and the Turkish occupation state.”

And he indicated that “the Turkish occupation liquidated all the free revolutionaries who spoke out against the government in Damascus at the start of the Syrian crisis, and detained them in camps inside Turkish territory”.

fail and fail

As part of his speech, Sheikho referred to the Adana agreement to fight the Kurds by Turkey and intervene in the Syrian depth of 5 kilometers, “There were other hidden issues, which did not appear to the public and Turkey was hiding these issues, and what was stated by its Foreign Minister that he met Faisal Miqdad in Belgrade In October, there was evidence of a hidden Syrian-Turkish rapprochement, in coordination with Russia.

The spokesman of the Afrin – Syria Human Rights Organization, Ibrahim Sheikho, recalled that Turkey was one of the most important countries supporting the government in Damascus, “by changing the course of the revolution towards the fight against the Democratic Self-Government areas in northern and eastern Syria, and the withdrawal of all mercenaries from the regions of Aleppo, Daraa, Homs and Damascus.” to the border strip and push them to launch attacks against the Kurds.”

Emphasizing that the policy of the Turkish occupation state has become oscillating between failure and loss of meaning; Because of its orientation towards all parties to get the green light to exterminate the peoples of northern and eastern Syria.

Most occupied areas are witnessing a massive uprising

Regarding the protests and demonstrations that have taken place in the occupied areas, the spokesperson for the Human Rights Organisation, Afrin – Syria, said that “most of the occupied areas are witnessing a widespread popular uprising against Turkish occupation authorities, and demonstrators burned the Turkish flag and photos of Turkish President Erdogan.”

Sheikho added that the Turkish occupation authorities have started targeting protesters in the governorates of Azaz, Jarablus and Idlib, and as a result, a child was lost and dozens of civilians were injured. demonstrations.




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