Scottish cities could benefit from sleeper train to Lisbon, Istanbul and St. Petersburg



Two Scottish towns are expected to benefit from a trans-European sleeper rail network, meaning people could travel by train to places as far apart as Istanbul and St Petersburg.

The program is launched to reduce the number of flights across Europe with the aim of significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Plans for one of Europe’s biggest political parties were unveiled and included Glasgow and Edinburgh in their bid to connect the continent by rail.

The Caledonian Sleeper is currently the train that connects Scotland to London overnight

The German Green Party has launched proposals for a “night sprinter” service stretching from Lisbon, Portugal, to Istanbul, the Turkish capital, or St. Petersburg, Russia.

A map showing the planned network was revealed by Alliance 90 / Green Party ahead of Germany’s September 26 elections.

The sleeper service, which may not see the light of day until 2030, a continental network with Edinburgh and Glasgow connected to Europe via a connection to London, the rail reaching all the major European capitals.

Greens leader Annalena Baerbock had previously suggested her party would cut tax subsidies to airlines and increase the frequency of long-distance and overnight train travel as an alternative.

In their plans, the party said “fair competition” between air and rail travel must be introduced to tackle the climate crisis, adding: “Those who travel a little longer to protect the climate should not have to. pay extra.

“At present, international air traffic enjoys huge tax advantages: airlines pay no tax on kerosene – railways pay tax on diesel – and international airline tickets are even exempt. VAT.

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“These distortions of competition urgently need to be corrected. We need cheap train tickets that can compete with air fares.

“We can make night trains more attractive in terms of price by offering products suitable for all budgets.

In June, French startup Midnight Trains unveiled provisional proposals for a “luxury hotel on wheels” connecting the capital to Paris by 2024.



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