Say hello to Milwaukee’s new mayor: Cavalier Johnson


(All photos by Kim Robinson)

By Ana Martinez-Ortiz

(All photos by Kim Robinson)

Milwaukee has a new mayor, and his name is Cavalier Johnson. He is the first new mayor in nearly two decades and the city’s first black mayor in the city’s 176-year history.

Johnson beat the old Ald. Bob Donovan in the spring elections, which took place on Tuesday, April 5. According to the city’s unofficial results, Johnson got 62,143 votes, or about 71 percent of the vote, while Donovan got 28,543 votes, or about 28 percent.

Johnson celebrated his victory at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center with this family, among a crowd of supporters. Upon reaching the podium, Johnson noted that his message remains the same to build a safer, stronger and more prosperous Milwaukee.

“We want our city to be loving, nurturing and stable,” he said. “That’s why I ran for mayor. Tonight we took a key step in renewing our city’s promise. We have a lot to do.

Johnson, 35, was previously a councilman for the 2nd District. During this time, he became president of the Common Council and assumed the role of acting mayor upon the departure of former mayor Tom Barrett.

Barrett, who served as mayor for nearly 18 years, was named the US ambassador to Luxembourg late last year. His departure led to a special mayoral election, in which a handful of Milwaukeeans competed for the position in the spring primary.

(All photos by Kim Robinson)

Johnson will complete Barrett’s term, which ends in two years. Thereafter, the cycle of municipal elections will continue as planned.

The next President of the Municipal Council will be elected on April 19.

(All photos by Kim Robinson)

Donovan’s election watch party took place at McKiernan’s Irish Pub, where he caved to Johnson. During his address, he wished Johnson good luck and thanked his supporters.

“We worked really hard,” Donovan said. “We have risen against all odds. I’m talking about an underdog – if you looked up an underdog in the dictionary, you’d see a picture of Bob Donovan in this campaign.

He continued, “There’s never any shame in wanting something bad and chasing it and missing out.”

(All photos by Kim Robinson)

State Senator LaTonya Johnson (D-Milwaukee) spoke at Johnson’s victory party. There is no relationship between the senator and the mayor.

The senator has supported the new mayor since the beginning of his political career. He has potential and he has commitment, dedication and love for this city, she said.

“What a night! What a way to celebrate! And Chevy kicked ass. I’m so excited about this great news,” she said, adding. “If I didn’t believe Chevy had exactly what it takes to be an awesome mayor and the love for this city, I wouldn’t be here.”

(All photos by Kim Robinson)

During his victory speech, Johnson said the work ahead includes addressing gun violence and unsafe streets, restoring neighborhoods, creating jobs and promoting growth, and repairing relationships. the city with the state.

He thanked his family, his team, his supporters and the pioneers who came before him.

“I stand on the shoulders of the giants of this community,” he said. “People like Vel Phillips; people like Gwen Moore, Isaac and Marcia Coggs, Mayor Marvin Pratt and many more.

Johnson noted that while he didn’t run to be Milwaukee’s first black mayor, the symbolism isn’t lost on him. This is an important moment, he said.

(All photos by Kim Robinson)

“No matter where you live, no matter how much your parents earn, or what color your skin is — in Milwaukee there’s a place for you, too,” Johnson said.

(All photos by Kim Robinson)

The next step is to listen, he said, with security and prosperity as our guides. No idea is too big or too small, he said, adding that he hopes everyone from small business owners and bus drivers to CEOs and teachers will share his ideas. .

“In this campaign, my refrain has been that we’ll be safer, we’ll be stronger, we’ll create family support jobs, and we’ll be the best city in America,” Johnson said. “We have so much to do and we have to do it together.”

(All photos by Kim Robinson)

He continued, “The changes we seek will not come as quickly as we would like or as quickly as some might need, but they will come. And we won’t rest until we build the city of our imagination, the city of our dreams, the city we all deserve.

(All photos by Kim Robinson)


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