Red List: Turkey set to switch to amber in next round of Covid travel changes



Turkey could finally lose its red status on the UK government’s traffic light travel destination list after spending all summer in the category.

The nation was added to the high-risk category in May and has been primarily off-limits to British travelers since then – destroying the country’s vibrant tourism industry and the vacation plans of millions of potential British visitors.

On average, 2.3 million British tourists visited its resorts each year before the pandemic, but data shows it should be moved to the amber list.

Paul Charles, founder of travel consultancy PC Agency, said: “Turkey really deserves to be on the Orange List because it has some of the best Covid security policies in place, especially in hotels and other tourist areas. and worked hard to reduce his infection rates. “

The Turkish resort of Antalya

Travel expert Simon Calder has also predicted that Turkey will be elevated to the amber category in the next system review next week. However, it will likely be too late for many companies and operators who depend on the income of British tourists to resorts like Bodrum and Antalya.

The Maldives – another Red List destination – could also be removed from the high-risk category with declining infection rates and a growing vaccination program.

Several Caribbean islands could also turn from green to amber, including Grenada and Dominica. Montserrat, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda.

The Portuguese island of Madeira could also turn from green to amber. Meanwhile, Poland and Hungary could get green status due to improved data.

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However, the traffic light system could be abolished as part of plans drawn up by ministers to simplify vacations.

Authorities have been asked to develop a new system based on the vaccination status of travelers rather than the Covid rating of the country they are visiting.

This likely means amber and green will disappear as separate categories, although red will continue with travelers still required to quarantine themselves in hotels upon returning from high-risk destinations.

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