Reader’s Opinion: Read More Than The Headline Before Criticizing



In response to my June 21 column in the News Tribune (An Economist’s Point of View: ‘Biden, Media Is Trashing Us on Soaring Lumber Prices’), a June 30 letter noted that apparently I had “decided it was time to convince readers again that this high is low.” My column’s argument was summed up in the letter as follows: “Apparently the high lumber prices that we have all suffered over the past year are the fault of our new president. “

The author of the letter (Reader’s Perspective: “Blaming Wood Prices on COVID-19, Not Biden”) could have avoided a lot of embarrassment by bothering to read my column before responding. Here is what I wrote: “The reason for soaring lumber prices is a shortage of supply. Sawmills closed by the COVID-19 pandemic have been slow to reopen, while demand for lumber has steadily increased, driven by strong demand for new housing. ”

The letter approvingly pointed to an article on a News Tribune business page, noting: “Entire article on lumber shortage blames COVID-19. My column too! Anyone who has actually read my column would know.

Let this be a lesson to read more than a headline before clicking “Send”.

Jean Phelan

St. Paul

The writer is an economist at the Center of the American Experiment (, a conservative public policy think tank based in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

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