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The MTA wants you … to tell him how he’s doing.

The transport agency has launched a new survey “to assess customer satisfaction [and] customer opinions on their experiences ”on public transit. The survey focuses on your feeling of safety, security, and comfort, with many questions on policing and Covid protocols. There are also questions that allow you to tell the MTA, “The fare is damn too high!”

Try to limit your responses to four letter words. (We’re kidding! We love buses, especially the ones on Fordham Road!). On the plus side, 10 lucky respondents will receive $ 100 gift cards, according to the agency.

That said, the Riders Alliance doubted the polls, recalling previous questionnaires that were just a smokescreen to attract more police. The real problem, of course, is the fiscal resilience of the MTA, which is in desperate need of congestion pricing as a stable source of revenue.

“After previous inquiries, transit officials and politicians have attempted to attribute low ridership to factors such as crime and public health issues,” Riders Alliance spokesperson Danny Pearlstein said. . “But the real threat to New York’s transit system is fiscal austerity. Sharp rate hikes, significant service cuts, and the continued inability to properly house our fellow New Yorkers all threaten to undermine the city’s recovery. They all require renewed investments from the state and the federal government.

In other news:

  • City council has had its least productive summer in two decades. Is this what happens when the speaker shows up for a higher position… and loses? (New York Post)
  • Waaah, how come we Can’t you cycle with music and cycling legend David Byrne ?! (NY Times) All we get is the occasional sighting of the Hudson River Greenway.
  • Police find it impossible to keep killer drivers off the roads, but they manage to stop potential car thieves. (amNY, NYDN)
  • This is always good advice: never stab someone in a car. (New York Post)
  • Mayor de Blasio has promised to put the NYPD back in the app game. (Gothamist)
  • Hats off to our friends at Bushwick Starr for keeping the ghost light shining bright. (NY Times)
  • As congestion pricing meetings were due to begin on Thursday, amNY raised the curtain rather harmlessly.
  • And finally, if Facebook can put positive stories about itself in its News Feed, so can we. In case you missed it, we had some great stories yesterday:
    • Dave Colon provided an overview of the congestion pricing meetings.
    • Jesse Coburn has revealed how many out-of-state cars are involved in crashes (apparently a lot!).
    • And Gersh Kuntzman kept scratching at that itch of the city’s failure to wipe bad drivers off the roads.



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