Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting Agendas (Wednesday) | pelican post


March 9, 2022 – 6:00 p.m.


(1) Call to order
(2) Roll Call of Members
(3) Oath of allegiance
(4) Presentation of personnel
(5) President’s Comments
(6) Public comment on any agenda item
(7) Staff report

A. Subdivision status – March 2022

(8) Engineering Staff Report
(9) Minutes

A. Approval or rejection of the minutes of the planning committee meeting of February 16, 2022

(10) Consent Program

A. Gerard Cryer Affidavit of Mortgage Statement – ​​Lot B-2-A (42143 Clouatre Rd, Gonzales, LA)
B. Final Course Approval Hidden Lakes – Second Class Quality Engineering & Surveying, LLC (Council Districts 5 & 6)

(11) Public hearing to approve or deny the following Family Sharing:

A. Artilla Thompson Property – Routes A-1, A-2 and A-3 Louisiana Land Surveying, Inc. (Council District 11)

(12) Ordinance – Public Hearing to Recommend Approval or Denial to Parish Council Amendments to Ascension Parish Unified Land Use Code:

A. Amendments to the Unified Land Development Code of the Parish of Ascension, Annex IV – Subdivision Regulations, article:

1) 17-4044. Drainage requirements
2) 17-4045, Drainage Design Criteria
3) 17-4050, Revocation of easement
4) 17-40100, Definitions
5) Appendix B, Drainage Impact Assessment Procedure

B. Ascension Parish Unified Land Use Code Amendments, Schedule V – Drainage, Section:

1) 17-506, Protection of watersheds and existing supply networks
2) 17-506.1, Flood plain development
3) 17-507, Placement of Backfill
4) 17-5012, Storm Water Systems
5) 17-5013, Design Criteria
6) 17-5014, Drainage easements
7) 17-5094, September 2019 Changes Implementation

(13) To adjourn

March 9, 2022 – to follow Planning


(1) Meeting opened by the chairman
(2) Roll Call of Members
(3) Presentation of personnel
(4 minutes

a. Acceptance of the minutes of the meeting of January 12, 2022

(5) President’s Comments
(6) Public hearing to amend Ascension Parish Development Code for recommendation for approval or rejection to Ascension Parish Council

a. Zoning Review ID PZ-2811.22 – For Charles Thibaut Located on the east and west side of LA Hwy 405 approximately 8300′ (1.57 miles) north of LA Hwy 1-North to amend the Parish zoning map of Ascent from Conservation (C) & Medium Industrial (MI) to Light Industrial (LI), Medium Industrial (MI) and Heavy Industrial (HI)b. Zoning Review ID PZ-2814.22 – For Donnie L. Floyd & Associates, LLC Located on the west side of Old Jefferson Hwy. approximately 350′ north of LA Hwy. 42 to request conditional use to build a new telecommunications tower.

(7) Staff report
(8) To adjourn




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