Penn State Daily Headlines: Wednesday July 14



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Penn State’s Franklin Made One of the Top 20 Coaches ListCNHI Pa. Sports (Hayes)

A glimpse into the playing career of Penn State Football coachesCollege (English)

Weighing Penn State Football and Lonnie White Jr. Baseball Options After MLB Draft SelectionCollege student (Yoder)

Dani Dennis-Sutton: Elite defenseman frames choice between ‘Bama, Penn State and UGADawgNation (Sentell)

Franklin named to Dodd Trophy preseason

Penn State’s Bold Predictions: Jaquan Brisker leads Lions in tackles and joins 2022 first-round (Fles)

Penn State Football’s Lift for Life event is scheduled for July 23 at State (Fles)

The second student of the Central Catholic School Anthony Speca already on the national radarPittsburgh Post-Gazette (Everett)

3 scenarios to follow this fallSaturday Blitz (Lunnen)

MLB or PSU? Tough decision for Lonnie White Jr of Malvern Prep.WPVI (Apody)

Pirates drafted Lonnie White Jr.: what it means for Penn StateVictory Bell Rings (Whitaker)



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