Our children deserve a 21st century education


By Will Martin
Candidate, Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin

Will Martin, candidate for lieutenant governor of Wisconsin

Our children have experienced a lot of disruption and distractions during and since so many schools have been closed to in-person classes in response to COVID-19. As competence suffered and many students experienced learning loss, parents began to question what and how their children were being taught.

Wisconsin spends $14 billion on K-12 education. This represents approximately $15,000 per student. As we approach the primary elections on August 9 as well as the start of a new school year, you deserve to know how each candidate for public office would improve education. I am happy to share my vision to provide the 21st century education our children deserve and to provide more transparency to parents.

Show the program for each class

Parents want more information about the education their children are receiving. K-12 teachers should post the curriculum for each class, so parents better understand the lessons their children are learning.

Establish universal school choice

All parents in Wisconsin should have the freedom to choose the education that best helps their children reach their full potential. From homeschooling to public or private schools, parents and students should have access to all options and receive the same amount of public funding each year for their education.

Provide universal class choice

Some schools offer multiple courses in language, science, math, history or literature; others have far fewer class options. Imagine harnessing the internet to allow students from anywhere in the state to take a K-12 course from anywhere else in the state. Universal Class Choice would allow parents and students to take advantage of the best offerings in Wisconsin’s K-12 education system.

Reintegrate vocational education in high schools

Fewer than one in three Wisconsin residents age 25 and older have earned a bachelor’s degree. We should reintegrate vocational education into secondary schools and encourage our young people to consider apprenticeship programs and technical colleges, both of which lead to high-demand, family-supporting careers that our economy needs.

Offer every high school student a young apprenticeship

Our K-12 education system should not focus solely on academic success. The system should also prepare students for the job market. Our state should aim to ensure that every student has a youth learning while in high school and the opportunity to explore career opportunities. Youth apprenticeships are an ideal way to introduce students to businesses in the region and create a talent pool for these employers.

In conclusion

Wisconsin parents deserve a K-12 education system that partners with them and empowers them. Our children deserve a modern education designed to help them reach their God-given potential. Let’s overhaul our education systems and policies to give Wisconsin children every advantage to fuel their future.

Will Martin is running for Lieutenant Governor. As well as being a small business owner for 20 years and advising government and private sector agencies in Britain, the Netherlands and Israel, Martin has held several leadership positions for Governors Thompson and Walker.


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