Now is not the time to cut logs


Dear Oak Park Public Library Board Members,

The Oak Park Public Library said it would cancel all print daily newspaper subscriptions beginning in 2023, leaving only the weekly Wednesday Journal and Oak Leaves. I want to add my voice to those calling for this issue to be addressed at the August 23 meeting of the library board so that the public can hear what the board thinks of this decision and whether they are prepared to reconsider it.

Over the years, our library has expanded access to information through many innovations. I am very concerned that the library is backtracking here and denying access to daily news to older residents and others who do not wish to browse the news on screens. This includes anyone who enjoys the experience of turning the pages of a newspaper.

This critical moment in our nation’s history is not the time to cut this most accessible format of information. With many libraries under attack and forced to limit access to their collections, it is foolish that the Oak Park Public Library is proactively denying access to day-to-day information to some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

I look forward to hearing what you will do about it.

Therese Powell
Oak Park


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