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The Turkish Fascist State commits many violations against humanity in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan, especially against detainees, they do not treat sick and elderly detainees; Recently, Ramadan Turan, 70, was martyred in a solitary confinement cell in the prison.

Inmates appeal to prisoners by letters to release sick prisoners. In a letter sent from inside Edirne prison to families, he said “it is possible to die at any time”, referring to the denial of treatment to sick inmates.

On this subject, the Kurdish intellectual and writer Bashir Mulla Nawaf addressed the ANHA agency, affirming that the Turkish state is one of the oldest in the region and was built on the Ottoman heritage. The Ottomans adopted a culture capable of ignoring any voice incompatible with their demands and needs. The newly established Turkish Republic teaches how to silence groups and communities.

Bashir Mulla Nawaf said that Turkey’s fascist state mentality towards the components of Turkey has not changed since its establishment in 1910. It is based on nationalism, language and monotheism, and the Turkish state thus denied many nationalities and used many methods and practices to eliminate the Kurdish people. “The construction of prisons is one of those methods by which the Turkish state seeks to silence the people,” he said.

According to data from the Turkish Ministry of Justice in December 2022, 297 thousand 726 prisoners are in 383 prisons in Turkey. 27,000 and 658 detainees are overcapacity.

“Cries and pleas were created from the resonance of Amed prison.”

Bashir Mulla Nawaf referred to the resistance from Amed prison and said that “the resistance to prisons is the most difficult phase that Turkey has faced. Especially in the face of Kanan Afrin’s coup in 1980. The young modern Kurds have been influenced by left-wing thinking or the Kurdistan Liberation Movement, which has spread around the world. The Turkish state is well aware that a movement based on a balance sheet of Kurdish history such that the Kurdish Workers Party will not move according to its mentality.”

Bashir Mulla Nawaf continued: “We therefore believe that Amed (Diyarbakir) prison is the harshest and most violent prison that exists. It is an example of those prisons where the Turkish state aimed to silence and suppress the voice of freedom seekers in Kurdistan through torture and violence.

“90 prisons were built for those who did not join the AKP.”

Bashir Mulla Nawaf noted that these crimes have been punished by the authorities in Turkey, although they have changed many times since 1980. And they wanted to face the Kurds. When the AKP arrived, they wanted to influence the whole Middle East in the name of Islam.

Turkey ranks first in the number of detainees, according to the 2020 European Council penal result.

“There are only about 12,000 detainees from the People’s Democratic Party.”

Bashir Mulla Nawaf said: “Including Kurdistan Liberation Movement detainees currently imprisoned in Turkish state prisons. To date, there have been approximately 12,000 People’s Democratic Party detainees.

The 21st In January, the Human Rights Association of Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan reported that “there are at least 231 sick inmates in the average prison in Anatolia over a 3-month period, of which 38 are in a critical condition and are being subjected to torture”.

Bashir Mulla Nawaf also spoke about the resistance to inmates and explained that this is not only done at the prison level. The Turkish state arrests intellectuals or personalities capable of influencing those around them. “The leader of the Kurdish people detained today in the Turkish state prison is the first example that has had an impact on many changes in Kurdish politics today. In addition, he has also had a significant impact at the level This shows that the Turks will not be able to annihilate and repress the Kurds in the prisons; on the contrary, those who are arrested in prison become teachers and leaders of this people.”

The rights of detainees have been violated 2,540 times

Bashir Mulla Nawaf noted that the Turkish state has committed many crimes against humanity and human rights violations. Besides having committed dozens of crimes against prisoners and detainees and having no reconciliation with international principles and norms, he said: “There are many documents that prove that the prisoners of the Liberation Movement of Kurdistan were mutilated and burned”.

On January 26, the Human Rights Association of Turkey published a report on the situation of detainees in Turkey, according to which the rights of detainees have been violated 2,540 times, in the last three months and in only 20 jails. These violations include torture, beatings and the imposition of terrorist characteristics.

Kurdish intellectual and writer Bashir Mala Nawaf concluded: “The Turkish state commits these crimes under the protection of public silence. The international forces turn a blind eye and ignore the crimes of the Turkish state and act only according to its political interests. Turkish violation records never unravel, they will be held accountable, many parties turned out to be war criminals. »




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