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Are you ready to ‘make your own with Mera? After years in commercial and residential real estate, Blair Clouatre did so when she decided to open the doors of Mera Salon and Spa Suites in 2018.

“Mentoring has always been my passion, and what better way than to open a luxury salon and spa suite where I can help others reach their full potential and own their own businesses,” Blair described a philosophy that has become something like a mission statement. “Everyone wants to be their own boss, but most don’t know where to start. “

Before: Hard work combined with …

“The beauty and wellness industry has grown tremendously over the past decade,” she said, “and this offers great opportunities. My commitment to supporting this growth is the driving force behind Mera.

After: A clear vision …

“My vision is to provide suite owners with a community where professionals can help each other take this challenge to the next level, while raising the bar of the industry,” explained Blair. “The goal is to give you more control over your earning potential while embarking on an exciting career.

Extraordinary results equal.

There comes a time to build on your past successes and branch out, exploring the freedom of owning your own salon, spa, or wellness room.

Mera’s business model paves an affordable and safe way to open your own luxury suite without all the risks! Mera offers you a fully equipped private suite, a concierge to welcome your clients, all utilities, WiFi access, a 24/7 secure building, a private break room, a laundry and drying room, marketing materials and a trade show web page – all for one week rate. The secure and lockable suite is customizable and includes cabinets, hairdressing chair, mirror, sink and retail space to sell the products you want at the price you want!

Mera has been in business since 2018 and strives to provide beauty and wellness professionals with support, community and a beautiful space to ‘make it their own’. With our two Baton Rouge locations 100 percent occupied, we are delighted to announce that we will be opening our third location in Gonzales, at the corner of Highways 44 and 30. Our 7,000 square foot luxury concept will house more than 30 stores. beauty and wellness professionals. Suites start at $ 200 per week and increase based on size and location. Our suites are going fast so don’t miss our pre-rental offers !!!!

For any rental request, contact Blair Clouatre at 225.300.MERA or by email at





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