Joe Nichols covers Patriot Night Under the Lights in Ellensburg



ELLENSBURG, Wash – Even without the fireworks to cap Patriot Night Under the Lights, people were still able to celebrate the Independence Day event with a multi-platinum artist.

Country singer Joe Nichols captioned the day beforent, performing in front of hundreds of people at the Ellensburg Rodeo Arena.

For viewer Dee Anderson, the show marked a return to what life was like before Covid-19.

“It’s like we’re getting back to normal,” Anderson said. “It’s very liberating.


Anderson had kept the tickets for two years. She took her whole family to enjoy the concert with her. It was the first time she had seen Nichols perform in person.

“I don’t get out of Ellensburg a lot, so he had to come see me,” Anderson said.

Kittitas County Event Center Director Kady Porterfield hosted the event. Ahead of the show, Porterfield said she thought Nichols would be the perfect act for a community celebration.

With chart-topping singles like “Brokenheartsville,” “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” and “Gimmie that Girl,” Nichols came to Ellensburg with a high pedigree.

“Luckily I work with some really great people who have connections,” Porterfield said. “I’ve been listening to it since I was a kid. I love his music. “

Nichols’ music had a large part of the crowd standing, dancing and singing. While the fireworks would likely have added an extra spark, Porterfield said canceling this part of the event was the right way to go.

“I worked closely with our local firefighters and we decided that this year it probably wasn’t safe to try to move forward,” Porterfield said. “[The conditions] It just seemed a bit too extreme this year, so we’ll be planning the game and trying again another time. “




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