Istanbul: Briton stabbed seven times in Turkey as thugs leave him to fight for life | United Kingdom | News


Alister Gray, 32, is now fighting for his life in hospital after the brutal attack. The civil engineer was emerging from a home bar early Saturday morning in Istanbul, Turkey, when thieves attacked him. At first, one of them tries to snatch the phone from his hands.

Mr. Gray was heading for a subway station at 2:30 a.m. to return to his hotel.

He tried to fight back, swinging at the first hooded attacker.

In the footage, another attacker then runs to join the assault.

Mr. Gray then attempted to flee but was pursued.

According to local media, Mr. Gray was seriously injured in the neck and chest.

He was stabbed seven times.

Mr Gray is currently being treated at Okmeydani Hospital.

He is said to be in critical condition.

The holidaymaker told police: “Four people tried to take my mobile phone on the street.

“When I resisted, they stabbed me and took my mobile phone and ran away.”

Four suspects were identified by police using CCTV footage.

All four have criminal records.

In a raid the following day, Enes Yoldas, Seyithan Erdem, Abdurrahman Baydak and the apparently underage UA were arrested.

Mr. Gray’s fight for his life in the hospital continues as the investigation continues.


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