How to spend your lunch break during a road trip abroad



(CNN) – Road trips offer much of what the Covid-19 pandemic has taken from us: adventure, freedom and spontaneity. Ever-changing global travel restrictions continue to hamper our ability to explore the world freely.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t taste some of that freedom of travel while you wait for your next escape. The Drive & Listen web app offers quick getaways with no travel restrictions.

While websites like Virtual Vacation offer similar virtual tours, the unique features of the Drive & Listen app provide the best imitation of the road travel experience.

It may even inspire you to get behind the wheel yourself one day.

Designed in 2020 by Erkam Åžeker, a student in Munich, the web app offers the perfect lunch break escape.

It puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to virtually navigate the streets of over 50 cities around the world while listening to real-time local radio stations and hearing street noises, which you can turn on and off. deactivate.

You can change your destination at any time. Be in Tokyo one minute and Dublin the next. New destinations are added regularly – Recife, Brazil being the latest. Each is unique and captivating, offering an impressive array of tourist attractions.

After taking a tour of each city in the library, here are the 10 most attractive.

1. Yekaterinburg, Russia

Ekaterinburg: winter wandering.

Courtesy Drive and Listen / RussianPlus

Take a winter walk through the snow-capped alleys of Yekaterinburg, which lies to the east of the Ural Mountains in Russia. Temperatures reached an average low of minus 19 ° C (minus 2.2 ° F) last year.

Listen to songs by local artists on Russkoye Radio station, as you pass the Church on Blood, which was built on the site where Russia’s last Czar, Nicholas II, was executed.

2. Los Angeles

From the iconic Hollywood sign to the canals of Venice, there are plenty of landmarks to see as you travel through Los Angeles, starting at Rodeo Drive.

Lined with palm trees, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is known for its luxury goods stores and upscale boutiques. Rodeo Drive’s Walk of Style is decorated with plaques honoring fashion icons and features the unusual “Torso” statue.

Listen to cool, downtempo beats on the Groove Salad radio station while watching the sun shine on the solid aluminum statue, created by world-renowned artist Robert Graham.

3. Tokyo

Tokyo: Urban landscapes.

Tokyo: Urban landscapes.

Courtesy Drive and Listen / J-Utah

In Tokyo, Rodeo Drive takes the form of Chuo-dori Avenue in Ginza. Beautiful cityscapes, with magnificent neon-lit skyscrapers and elegant building facades, decorate the capital of Japan.

Travel the city’s freeways, cross the Rainbow Bridge and pass Tokyo Tower while listening to local news on FM Fujigoko or J-Pop on

4. Singapore

Singapore: skyline of skyscrapers.

Singapore: skyline of skyscrapers.

Driving and listening / singapore

Cruise through Marina Bay in downtown Singapore in the shadow of the iconic towers of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, which are covered by SkyPark.

Listen to Kiss 92 while marveling at the Singapore Flyer, Asia’s largest observation wheel.

5. Seoul

Seoul: K-pop and cafes.

Seoul: K-pop and cafes.

Driving and Listening / Hidden Look Seoul

Stroll through street markets and pass the modern skyscrapers of the metropolis that is the capital of South Korea, while listening to K-pop on

The trendy Seongsu-dong district, near Seoul Forest, is populated with small shops and artisan cafes. It is also home to alternative spaces and entertainment companies, such as BTS agency, Big Hit Entertainment.

6. Nice, France

Nice: road trip on the Riviera.

Nice: road trip on the Riviera.

Driving & Listening / Wanderlust Travel Videos

The sun and the sea make up the scenic route along the Promenade des Anglais, which runs along the Mediterranean coast of Nice.

Let French news and music on radio stations such as Radio FG and Agora Côte d’Azur (Agora French Riviera) accompany you on your journey on the A8 motorway to Boulevard Charles III in Monaco.

7. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Like the outdoor backdrop to a movie, the village of Lauterbrunnen in the Swiss Alps offers stunning views of rocky cliffs and mountains draped in waterfalls.

Turn on Radio 24 and take a look at the pretty cabins and chalets that dot the municipality.

8. Izmir, Turkey

Izmir: Blue sky, blue sea.

Izmir: Blue sky, blue sea.

Courtesy Drive and Listen / Gezeyenti

Blue skies and clear waters greet you as you pass through the coastal city of Izmir, Turkey. It is the second largest seaport in the country after Istanbul.

Turn on Süper FM and gaze above Izmir’s uniquely shaped skyscrapers, like the Folkart Towers and Mistral Office Tower, towards the hills overlooking the city.

9. Beijing

Beijing: commuting in modern China.

Beijing: commuting in modern China.

Courtesy Drive and Listen / Cam 看 世界

You may be unfamiliar with the busy daily commute. However, for a similar stress-free rush, Beijing is the perfect virtual destination.

Turn on Binchow Music Radio and walk through Beijing Central Business District. Its superb high-rise buildings with modern architecture will make you hesitate to take your eyes off the road.

10. Amsterdam

Amsterdam: canal cruise.

Amsterdam: canal cruise.

Drive and listen / EmreDrives

The picturesque capital of the Netherlands has a lot to offer, including beautiful canals, pretty wooden houses and historic artistic monuments.

Listen to music and talk shows on Radio SALTO as you walk along the Amstel Canal, then towards Magna Plaza Shopping Center and towards the Anne Frank House.

Top image credit: Drive and Listen / Hawaii John



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