How to Create Captivating Titles – in 200 Words or Less

So writers, if you’re struggling to sell audiences on your topics, media update Lara Smit helps you make progress with these titles here:

1. Describe the purpose of your piece
The audience reads a play with a specific goal in mind. These include:

  • discover an answer
  • find a solution, and
  • discover more information on a topic of interest.

Therefore, an attractive title will tell them if your article can help them achieve these goals.

2. Go straight to the point

When looking for an article that will help them achieve their goal, readers tend to skim through titles looking for specific keywords or information to reach it as quickly as possible.

Therefore, to create an attractive title, you must give them the most important information first.

3. Ask a question
Asking a question engages readers and involves them in the topic by encouraging their input. Plus, it piques their curiosity because they’ll want to know if your answer is the same as theirs, which will make them more likely to read further.

4. Avoid…

  • use exclamation marks
  • grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors, and
  • capitalize words or phrases.

What else can writers do to create compelling titles? Let us know in the comments section below.

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