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For the publisher:

I appreciate the Company’s attention to issues important to the future of Adirondack communities. The October 1 edition of the newspaper did a great job highlighting the decisions that municipalities and communities will face before December 31, 2021, under the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act. However, I want to clarify that the title of the article, “Super Lake Placid denounces dispensaries” does not accurately describe my position on this issue, and that this title does not match my statements on the community forum or in the article itself. A more precise title would read, “Super Lake Placid talks about dispensaries. “

As an advocate for student well-being, my main goal is to ensure that a process and an implementation plan is in place when an issue is considered that has the capacity to negatively impact the children. The moral and political debate over the legality of marijuana has already been argued in our state. However, the questions of whether, how and when access to marijuana will be provided under the law must be carefully considered. At this week’s municipal forum, I implored local authorities to consider the location of schools and playgrounds when considering whether / how they will allow dispensaries in the village of Lake Placid and / or the town of North Elba. I also said that the ability of law enforcement to deter unsafe behavior should also be taken into account in the decision-making process. Finally, I pleaded for the funding of prevention efforts if dispensaries are set up in the village or town.

If there are no clear answers to these considerations, caution dictates an extended plan to consider them before the impacts of implementation can be fully understood. To say in the title of the article that I spoke out against dispensaries squarely distorts my position. As an advocate for all children in the community, I cannot afford to alienate large sections of the community on a contentious issue due to an editorial decision. Titles matter.

Tim seymour

Lake placid

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