Gravenhurst man fined $ 2,000 for illegal turkey hunting



Numerous charges, including two counts of using a firearm to hunt turkeys, which is not permitted by regulations

The MRNF said in a press release today that Paul Girard of Gravenhurst pleaded guilty to hunting turkeys without a permit and was fined $ 2,000.

Girard also pleaded guilty to one additional count of hunting turkeys without a license, two counts of transporting illegally obtained wildlife and two counts of using a firearm for hunting turkeys, which is not allowed by the regulations.

He received a suspended sentence. The firearm was seized and confiscated for the benefit of the Crown.

The court heard that in May 2021, a conservation officer opened the investigation after learning that Girard had harvested two wild turkeys in the Gravenhurst area without a permit.

The investigation revealed that Girard had slaughtered two turkeys in May 2020 on a friend’s property. In addition to not having a permit for either bird, the investigation also revealed that Girard was using a shotgun not permitted by regulations.

Justice of the Peace William Turtle heard the case in the Ontario Court of Justice in Bracebridge on August 11.

The MRNF reminds hunters that wild turkey hunting regulations, such as firearms restrictions and the permit requirement, are in place to help maintain wild turkey populations.



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