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Sue Gray’s report, published during England’s coronavirus lockdown on Monday, said the gatherings “represent a serious failure to uphold not only the high standards expected of those working at the heart of government, but also the standards expected of the whole of the British population at the time”. .

The Prime Minister apologized and said immediate changes would take place in Number 10. But German media scoffed at Mr Johnson’s apology.

Die Bild on Monday called Mr Johnson’s apology to MPs “weak”.

The outlet said: “To him, it seems, a faint ‘sorry’ is anything after a devastating preliminary investigation report.”

Bild’s report went on to add: “He got Brexit done, he got the economy back on track, he built 14 hospitals and he stands with our allies against Vladimir Putin’s aggression.

“Johnson as you know him.”

Spanish daily El Pais faked a picture of Mr Johnson in high-visibility gear driving a forklift on Tuesday’s front page.

It came with the headline: “Party report delivers another blow to Johnson: Report on rallies held amid pandemic condemns drinking.”

A report from the outlet noted that Mr Johnson “apologised”.

Other Spanish newspapers commented on the prime minister, with the business daily Expansión running an article headlined “Goodbye, Boris”, while the inside headline of El Mundo read: “Little leadership and lots of beer.”

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La Repubblica, an Italian newspaper, said “Boris is now risking his career” and claimed the Prime Minister “has officially entered his darkest hour”.

Russian media also scorned the prime minister, after it emerged Mr Johnson had postponed a phone call with Vladimir Putin to discuss the release of Ms Gray’s report.

On Tuesday, Mr Johnson arrived in Ukraine to show his support for Kiev amid fears of war with Russia, but was questioned by the international press about the “partygate”.


Along with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Mr Johnson was asked if he would commit to publishing the full investigation.

The Prime Minister said: “Yes, of course we will publish everything we can as soon as the process is complete, as I said yesterday.”

On Tuesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki also answered questions about “Partygate.”

When asked if Mr Biden had ever been “ambushed by a cake”, Ms Psaki laughed at the question.

Asked if “Partygate” could hurt her effectiveness as a leader in efforts to counter Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, Ms. Psaki said that Mr. Biden had not discussed the matter with her.

She added that Mr Biden “is confident in the important partnership we have with the UK [and] the role they play as an important partner in making Russia understand the unacceptable nature of the troop build-up and their bellicose rhetoric regarding Ukraine”.

She then said, “It certainly hasn’t changed despite the cakes on anyone’s face.”

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg


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