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NATCHEZ – Barry Huff, a native of Natchez, who just had a double lung transplant at an Alabama hospital, needs community support.

Roy King III, a longtime friend and former neighbor of Huff, said: “Barry needs your prayers and continued help, especially your financial support.”

Huff, the younger brother of Willie Ray Huff, Natchez’s former police chief, is an investigator for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in Brookhaven. He is now on medical leave for several months after his surgery on Thursday.

He and his wife Dosky had to move near a hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, five hours from their home near Brookhaven.

Huff suffered from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a condition that causes scarring in the lungs that gets worse over time. Both Huff’s lungs were irreparably scarred, making a double lung transplant his only chance of survival.

“Whatever condition it was, it was only getting worse,” King said.

King said everyone he spoke to who saw the photo of Huff in the hospital bed after the transplant said Huff had “an air of relief, hope and gratitude.”

“They are very grateful to the donor’s family,” he said. “It’s unfortunate that someone had to die for Barry to have a chance to live. He now has a new set of lungs. Hopefully they are good lungs and he is grateful to have them. “

However, the months ahead will always be difficult for Huff and his wife Dosky, King said.

“(Thursday) morning around midnight, transplant surgeons at UAB in Birmingham, Alabama, began an operation lasting more than 10 hours to give Barry Huff a new set of lungs,” King said. “Barry will have three to four months of continuous hospitalization, convalescence and rehabilitation. Much of his care will be provided at the hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, UAB and various medical clinics. “

To help support the Huff family a GoFundMe page has been set up or donations can be made by Venmo at @ Dosky-Huff.

If you prefer, King said he can hand over checks or cash to the Huffs. Checks can be made payable to Barry Huff and mailed to 16 Pruett Road, Natchez, MS, 39120, or call 601-870-5372 to have them picked up, King said.

Two fundraising events are also coming up, in the community of Brookhaven for Huff.

Barbecue plates are sold until September 23 with the buyer’s choice of chicken, breast, or a combination of both. The Huff family will also have a booth for a t-shirt sale and silent auction of items at the Ole Brook Festival on October 1-2 in downtown Brookhaven.

“There are so many good-hearted people in Natchez that if they know the cause is right, they will step up and help,” King said.

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