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Let go of self-imposed time limits

As a student, I know all too well the fear of rushing to finish a piece of work when a deadline is fast approaching. When it comes to creative writing, no one else puts strict deadlines on me. On the contrary, I’m often guilty of setting myself deadlines and being disappointed when I don’t meet them. I realized over the years that it wasn’t helping my productivity the way I wanted it to.

If you want to write more effectively, I recommend letting go of all pressures and expectations, either from others or more likely from yourself. Whenever I start a new writing project, my first instinct is to give myself a deadline for a certain number of words or complete the project. While it’s great to start a new project thinking I can achieve that goal, it’s just not realistic.

I’ve learned that I have to give myself big, achievable goals to stay on track, and then I have to give myself checkpoints.

This year, I put that into practice with a monthly handwriting check. At the beginning of each month, I give myself goals that I want to work towards. At the end of the month, I review my progress and write down goals for the next month.

This process works better for me than telling myself I’m going to finish writing a draft or have a polished copy of a piece by a specific time. It also allows me to see which goals are achievable within a certain time frame.

Obviously, this only works if you don’t have to meet a deadline imposed by outside forces, like school or a job. The only person impatiently tapping their foot and waiting for me to write is myself, which is why I can get away with throwing all my expectations out the window. If you can, forget the deadlines you impose on yourself. Give yourself time to really work on a piece, even if it takes longer and requires more work than expected. By the end, you’ll know you took your time and you can be proud of all the hard work you put into writing!


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