Forest fires in Greece and Turkey: live updates as “extreme fire warning” issued



Turkey’s wildfires rage for 9th day in a row

Thousands of people have fled a wildfire that burned for a fourth day north of Athens, amid the country’s worst heat wave in decades.

Greek authorities warned of more fires on Friday, with emergency services predicting strong winds and scorching temperatures.

Teams of firefighters, water drops, helicopters and vehicles from France, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland are due to arrive today and this weekend. Firefighters and planes from Cyprus were already in the country.

In neighboring Turkey, hundreds of volunteers have joined forces to contain the fires that have swept through the country’s southern and southwestern coasts. At least eight people were killed in the blazes, described as the worst in living memory in the country.


Over 1,000 homes in North Korea destroyed amid heavy rains – state television

Heavy rains in northeastern North Korea destroyed or flooded 1,170 homes and forced 5,000 residents to evacuate to safety, North Korean state television reported.

This week’s downpour hit several areas of the east coast, including the northern and southern provinces of Hamgyong, state broadcaster KRT reported on Thursday.

Hundreds of hectares of farmland have been destroyed following heavy rains and flooding, raising concerns about the possible impact on the food supply in North Korea.

Images released by state media showed houses submerged to their roofs, a bridge cut over muddy water and a swollen river.

The show made no mention of casualties.

Leonie Chao-FongAug 6, 2021 11:41 AM


Turkey marks ninth day of wildfires as fires continue to ravage the country

Forest fires have ravaged Turkey in the past nine days, sparking some 187 forest fires and 13 fires since July 28 as fires continue to plague southern provinces.

Scorching heat and strong winds fueled the fires, writing Kate Gill.

Firefighters were finally able to contain a fire outside the compound of a coal-fired power plant after fighting it for 11 hours yesterday, forcing evacuations by boats and cars.

Watch: Turkey marks day 9 of wildfires as fires continue to ravage the country

Forest fires have ravaged Turkey in the past nine days, sparking some 187 forest fires and 13 fires since July 28 as fires continue to plague southern provinces. Scorching heat and high winds fueled the fires. Firefighters were finally able to contain a fire outside the compound of a coal-fired power plant after fighting it for 11 hours yesterday, forcing evacuations by boats and cars. Temperatures in the seaside resort of Marmaris hit a record high of 45.5 ° C this week. The total death toll from the fires stands at eight, while countless animals have been killed.

Leonie Chao-FongAug 6, 2021 11:22 AM


July is worst on record for wildfires since at least 2003, scientists say

Last month was the world’s worst July for wildfires since at least 2003, scientists say The Guardian.

Driven by extreme heat and prolonged drought, the inflammation of forests and grasslands released 343 megatons of carbon. That’s about a fifth more than the previous global peak for the month, set in 2014.

“It stands out clearly,” Mark Parrington, senior scientist in the EU’s Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service, told the newspaper. “The world total for July of this year is the highest since our records began in 2003.”

More than half of the carbon came from two regions – North America and Siberia – which experienced exceptionally hot and dry weather this year.

Leonie Chao-FongAug 6, 2021 10:56 AM


City burned to ashes in northern California wildfire

Eva Gorman says the small California mountain town of Greenville was a place of strong community and character, the kind of place where neighbors volunteered to move furniture, colorful flower baskets brightened up the main street and where writers, musicians, mechanics and chicken farmers have mingled.

As hot, dry, and gusty weather hit California, the state’s largest current wildfire raged through the community of approximately 1,000 people in Sierra Nevada during the rush. gold, incinerating much of the city center which included wooden buildings over a century old.

The winds were expected to calm down and change direction before the weekend, but this good news came too late for Gorman. “It’s just completely devastating. We lost our house, my business, our whole downtown area is gone, ”she said. AP News Agency.

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Earth’s vital signs have worsened, say scientists who have declared the climate emergency

Almost two years ago, 11,000 scientists from 153 countries came together to declare that the world is facing a climate emergency. Now, the research team behind the statement are warning that Earth’s “vital signs” have continued to deteriorate, writing Daisy Dunne.

In a new assessment, scientists say “there has been an unprecedented increase in climate-related disasters since 2019” – including “record-breaking heat waves and wildfires in Australia and the west the United States ”,“ extraordinary hurricanes ”and“ devastating cyclones ”in parts of Asia and Africa.

“Most of the factors that we are tracking, we call them ‘planetary vital signs’, have worsened,” said Dr. William Ripple, lead author of the assessment and eminent professor of ecology at Oregon State University. The independent.

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“In less than 45 minutes, our village was gone”

Families from the Turkish village of Kalemler described how forest fires devastated their community and homes.

A resident said Middle East Eye: “We have lost everything. Our house, the cattle, the furnishings.

“We only have one goat, whose eyes cannot see properly because of the ashes, whose hair has been partially burned.”

Kalemler is 15 km from Manavgat in Antalya, a popular tourist spot and one of more than 100 villages and towns in Turkey that have been ravaged by forest fires.

“In less than 45 minutes, our village was gone,” said Mustafa Cansiz, an official at Kalemler.

“Fifty-eight houses were destroyed. A disaster never seen before.

Leonie Chao-FongAug 6 2021, 10:00 am


“Extreme fire warning” issued for Friday

The Civil Protection Authority issued an “extreme fire warning” for Friday as temperatures continued to hover around 40 degrees Celsius.

“If there are even a few people who have reservations about the reality of climate change, I call on them to come here and see the intensity of the phenomena,” Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said from Ilia, where a fire threatened ancient Olympia on Wednesday.

Dozens of towns and villages have been evacuated since Tuesday, from the outskirts of Athens to the island of Evia near the capital, and into the Peloponnese, as a prolonged heatwave and strong winds fueled more than 150 forest fires in recent days.

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Gold Rush Era Cities Wiped Off The Map By Dixie Fire Blaze

As the devastating Dixie fire rips through California, residents face more than the loss of their homes and businesses – a precious part of the area’s heritage is destroyed, too, writing Hélène Elfer.

Two towns from the Gold Rush era have already been razed: Greenville and Rush Bar, both located in Plumas County, suffered huge losses as historic buildings were destroyed by the fire in Forest.

The Dixie Fire, the largest wildfire in California, has ravaged the region for three weeks, burning more than 278,000 acres and devastating the communities it has affected.

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Athens has darkened in thick smoke as the country braces for day four of wildfires

The skies over Athens were again clouded by thick smoke from forest fires on the northern outskirts of the capital, which came to life on Thursday after going extinct earlier in the week.

On the country’s main highway connecting Athens to northern Greece, firefighters are trying to use the road as a barrier to stop the advancing flames before the water-dropped planes can resume at dawn.

View of a closed toll area of ​​the national road surrounded by smoke from a fire, in Afidnes, northeast of Athens


Two firefighters try to stop a forest fire from crossing the national road


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Hundreds of people evacuated by sea from Evia island

Hundreds of people were evacuated by sea from the island of Evia, where flames have burned a large area of ​​pine forest since Tuesday and reached the sea.

Coastguard vessels assisted by tourist boats have recovered 631 people since Thursday evening on three beaches on the island, Reuters reports.

They have all been brought to safety and maritime patrols continue in the event of an emergency, a coast guard official said.

“The situation is out of control. The flames are over 40 meters high, ”local mayor George Tsapourniotis told local television.

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