English-language Moscow Times newspaper says Kremlin is blocking its online content in Russian


Russia’s leading English-language independent media outlet said Russian authorities blocked its Russian-language website over critical coverage of the war in Ukraine.

The Moscow Times said on Friday that its Russian-language website had become unavailable to some users and cited a decision by the attorney general’s office to restrict access.

According to the outlet, authorities separately blocked a website page containing an article about 11 riot police who refused to fight in Ukraine. On Thursday, a journalist who first broke the story was jailed for spreading false information about the Russian military.

The Moscow Times said it received no official notification from the government.

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Media coverage of Russian troops invading Ukraine plays out differently in Russia than in the United States. Using maps and disinformation, many television programs shape public opinion by justifying Moscow’s decision to attack its neighbor. Photo composition: Sharon Shi

The Kremlin sought to control the narrative of the war from the moment its troops arrived in Ukraine. He called the attack a ‘special military operation’ and increased pressure on independent Russian media which called it a ‘war’ or an ‘invasion’, blocking access to many news sites whose coverage deviated from the official line.

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