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MILWAUKEE – The sound of fingers tapping vigorously, trying to meet an impending deadline, fills the room of this Milwaukee office. Victor Huyke is tucked away in El Conquistador’s office at 4531 W. Forest Home Ave. He is the editor of the only Latino-owned newspaper in Southeastern Wisconsin.

James groh

Victor Huyke started the Latin American newspaper El Conquistador, based in Milwaukee, over 23 years ago.

“As you know, the Latin American community has grown tremendously, especially in areas like Wisconsin, and we want to make sure our community is part of it. Not an excluded community sitting in the dark, ”Huyke said.

The Conquistador has served the Latino community in Southeastern Wisconsin for over 23 years.

“We covered a lot of stuff that the mass media didn’t cover, you know. It was local stuff. It just wasn’t big enough for the 10 o’clock newspaper.

The main objective is to inform the Latino community about the most important stories of the region.

“The idea is to just try to get people to know more about our community. We do these stories in English and Spanish.

While the cover page is in Spanish, the first half of the diary is written in English. The back half of the paper is in Spanish.

“If the mass media had covered a particular topic that we just covered in Spanish, and in part we thought if we were doing it in English, we were sort of redundant.”

However, there is more to the mission than just reporting the latest news.

It covers birthdays, quinceaneras, and positive stories in the community. It’s almost like a community newsletter in that sense.

“Conquistador is more than a newspaper. He is a member of the family.

The Conqueror

James groh

El Conquistador aims to cover the stories that matter most to Wisconsin’s Latino community.

In addition, the newspaper sheds new light on the Latino community of Milwaukee and the south of the city. Victor wants to show all that the region has to offer.

“We have art. We have artists. We have lawyers. We have doctors. So we want people to understand and see that our community has more than restaurant food.”

Beyond the news, El Conquistador hosts events such as the Cinco De Mayo Festival, the Puerto Rican Festival, and a Wedding and Quinceanera Show. Coming October 30 is the Latino family expo. There will be free treats for children and resources for adults such as a home buying workshop, an immigration seminar and a career fair.

The purpose of these types of events is to connect with the community and give back. It provides educational opportunities for families to learn how to improve their quality of life and in turn improve their community.

For Victor, El Conquistador’s mission is also his personal mission.

“Why do I think creating a journal was so important to my community? Because I live there. I live in this community. I breathe in this community. You know, my children live here, my grandchildren live here. live here. “

With its website, you can find the newspaper in grocery stores like El Rey or doctor’s offices. Approximately 15,000 copies are distributed each week in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha and Waukesha.

In an ever-changing media landscape, El Conquistador has remained a success. And he will continue to serve Wisconsin’s Latino community as long as Victor and his reporters can keep typing.

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