Earle to head the Aquatic Life Conference



Dr Earle, world renowned for his tireless advocacy to tackle the many threats to our ocean, will make his voice heard in his speech on November 15 at 1:00 p.m. EST to the most critical stakeholders absent from the global ocean conservation movement. : aquatic animals.

“Treating ocean fauna as a commodity, measured by the ton and taken with industrial indifference, is not only inhuman, but destroys the vital processes that underpin our existence – from carbon capture to oxygen generation,” Dr Earle said.

Conference agenda

This year’s conference, held virtually November 15-18, comes at a critical time to raise awareness of the sensitivity of aquatic animals and the importance of taking their well-being into consideration as the global community strives to achieve the ambitions of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. by 2030.

“There has never been a more important time to create the conditions for the transition to truly just food systems,” said William Bench, Founder and President of the Aquatic Life Institute. “Aquatic animals have historically been excluded from the animal welfare movement and our goal is to raise awareness of these issues in all sectors to dramatically improve the treatment and use of aquatic animals. We are honored to have Dr. Earle join us in this timely conversation. ”

The four main themes addressed this year are:

  • Fish welfare
  • Campaign and politics
  • Neglected research areas and species
  • Sustainability, conservation and food systems.

Event details

Experts from marine and ocean conservation groups, the private sector and the media as well as speakers from outside the animal welfare community will participate in four days of presentations, panels, strategic workshops and networking opportunities for allow all interested stakeholders to come together to learn, exchange ideas, develop new networks and make plans for potential future collaborations.

Other guest speakers at the 2nd Aquatic Life Conference include:

  • Dr Lynne Sneddon, Senior Lecturer, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg
  • Rob Fletcher, Editor-in-Chief, The Fish Site
  • Kathy Hessler, Clinical Professor of Law, Lewis & Clark Law School
  • Shannon Davis, Aquaculture Wellness Specialist, Global Animal Partnership (GAP)
  • Mandla Gqamlana, Director of Programs, Coalition of African Animal Welfare Organizations
  • Chris Kerr, Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Unovis
  • Miles Woodruff, CEO and Co-Founder, Sophie’s Kitchen

Full details of the event, including agenda, speakers and registration are available here.



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