Dak Prescott and Matthew Stafford headline Chris Broussard’s ‘Under Duress’ list


The stakes have never been higher this season for every name on by Chris Broussard Countdown “Under duress”.

And while every player who straps his cleats for the playoffs this weekend has a valid case of inclusion, only five men can make the roster.

Who’s under duress ahead of the Super Wild Card weekend

Who's under duress ahead of the Super Wild Card weekend

Why these five guys are under duress in this weekend’s batch of games.

These are the five names the ‘First Things First’ host says are under the most pressure heading into the NFL’s Super Wild Card weekend.

5. New England Patriots QC McJones

Perspectives : New England showed they could beat teams without Mac Jones making a substantial imprint on games. In fact, the team’s 14-10 win over Buffalo on Dec. 6 set passing scarcity records. Jones attempted just three throws in the victory, while the Pats’ rushing regime burst for more than 200 yards. But three weeks later, the Bills showed entirely different courage in the running game, while coaxing Jones into two INTs on his 32 pass attempts.

Broussard’s thoughts: “Usually you wouldn’t have a rookie making his first playoff start under duress, but here’s the thing: Mac started so strong. He immediately took the job from Cam Newton, edged out Tom Brady in his fourth career game, then win seven games in a row The standard is raised, so when he struggled at the end of the season – five interceptions as they lost three of their last four – it was an eye opener for many of people.

4. Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury

Perspectives : In Nick Wright’s Tiers Countdown, he ranked Arizona in the “Dangerous QB, Dangerous Coach” tier. Wright pointed out that while Kyler Murray is a nightmare for opposing coaches, Kingsbury is dangerous for its own cause. He has one of the most dexterous signallers, as well as a dogged defense at his disposal, but many are wondering if Kingsbury can play his cards ahead of the Cards’ biggest game of his term.

Broussard’s thoughts: “As a coach making his first playoff appearance in just his third year, normally you’d be like, ‘That’s good.’ The problem is how they failed at the end of the year, and it became a real question mark for Kliff Kingsbury.In his first seven games they are excellent.The rest of the year “, they win 32% of their games. If they lose that game, a big topic next fall will be whether Kliff Kingsbury can carry a team through the season and not fold at the end.”

3. bison tickets QC Josh Allen

Perspectives : The Bills made it to the conference championship game last year, and while some might disagree, several northern football fans believe this season holds “Super Bowl or bust” stakes. But a lot of it depends on Allen’s suitability for the QB job. It has been an eventful season for the young double-threat sniper, but the football world will soon forget any calamity that has disrupted his season if he sends the Bill Belichick Pats to pack his bags.

Broussard’s thoughts: “If they lose to a divisional opponent who is starting a rookie quarterback, it will only culminate what has been a down year for Josh Allen. Not a bad year, but not up to the standards he has. established last year. The stranglehold the Patriots had on the AFC East would still seem to be there. There will be a sense that New England still owns that division, and Mac is only going to get better.

2. Dallas Cowboys QC Dak Prescott

Perspectives : There is perhaps no QB who lives more in the spotlight than Dak Prescott. The last time Dallas played in a conference championship game was in 1996, and for Dallas, now is the time to make a splash in the playoffs. Prescott is the centerpiece of that effort, and he can cash in on his lavish lump sum this offseason by putting the ‘Boys on his back and carrying them through the playoff gauntlet.

Broussard’s thoughts: “The reason Dak is superior to Allen is because Allen is only 25 and in his fourth season. Dak, I’m not saying he’s old, but he’s 28. He’s in his sixth year. He only won one playoff game! At some point you have to do it. I understand he was injured, but you have to do it. And beyond that, the owner has already says, “We have a Super Bowl or bust mentality.” They have a tough game coming up against San Francisco. [The 49ers] have great defense, and if they stop Dallas running the game, then Dak will have to do it with his arm.”

1. Los Angeles Rams QC Matthew Stafford

Perspectives : The scenario that followed Matthew Stafford throughout his career was his inability to perform in the playoffs. While in Detroit, several people argued that while Stafford possessed the talent to lead a championship team, he did not have the elements around him to fully achieve that goal. Well that has all changed now. A multitude of stars now accompany Stafford in his conflicts on both sides of the ball, and while Stafford remains the consummated big play threat he’s long known (LA leads the league in yards per play), his INT woes continue to grow. have been costly in the last few weeks.

Broussard’s thoughts: “Nick, you love tearing Jared Goff apart. Jared Goff was a two-time Pro Bowler, which led his team to the Super Bowl. You gave up on Goff, two first-round picks and one third-round pick – you didn’t. doing all that to get beaten in the first round of the playoffs. You went further than that with Jared Goff last year. I think the window for Stafford to to earn the Super Bowl in LA is two to three years old. He’s 0-3 in the playoffs, just four touchdowns, three interceptions in three games, and he’s struggled throughout the streak. He’s had eight interceptions in his last four games. He has to deliver. “

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