Couple face £51,000 bill for bringing newborn baby back from Turkey


Louise Crawshaw-Bowen and her husband Stephen were in Antalya when their son was born seven and a half weeks earlier

<p>Louise Crawshaw-Bowen and her husband Stephen were stranded in Turkey after the premature birth of their son.  (Credit: SWNS)</p>
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Louise Crawshaw-Bowen and her husband Stephen were stranded in Turkey after the premature birth of their son. (Credit: SWNS)

A British couple have found themselves stranded in Turkey facing a huge bill after their son was born prematurely in the country.

Louise Crawshaw-Bowen and her husband Stephen, from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, were on holiday in Antalya when their son Wolfe was born seven and a half weeks earlier.

The couple were left devastated after their insurance let them down and they faced bills of over £51,000 for the birth and to bring their child back to the UK.

The insurance plan lets the couple down

Louise and Stephen traveled to Turkey after taking out travel insurance.

Wolfe was born by emergency C-section on July 25.

Louise said: “Before leaving, I did everything I could to make sure everything was in place,” Louise said.

“I received a letter of fitness to fly from my midwife, I had no complications during this pregnancy. I just went to my routine appointments and everything is fine. I took insurance that I thought covered everything.

Louise gave birth to her son Wolfe prematurely while she and her husband Stephen were on holiday in Turkey. (Credit: SWNS)

However, after making a claim with the insurance company to cover Wolfe’s premature birth, they were informed that the premature birth was only covered up to eight weeks.

As Wolfe was born seven and a half weeks earlier, his birth was just outside that threshold.

Nail technicians Louise and Stephen, who are in the British Army, have therefore faced spiraling medical costs, including a specialist medical flight home. Those costs could have climbed even higher had the couple been forced to stay in Turkey until their child was healthy enough to fly.

Associations help couples

The worried couple have started a GoFundMe page to help bring their newborn baby home.

Etienne said ITV News West Country“Anyone who is a parent will understand what an incredible feeling it is to be a parent, and that experience has been ruined.

“The hospital was like a prison. They wouldn’t let my wife go unless we paid them 4,500 euros. Our point was that we are not going to leave our premature baby in Turkey.

The fundraiser raised £9,000 to cover the costs accrued from Wolfe’s birth.

Louise Crawshaw-Bowen and her husband Stephen were stranded in Turkey after the premature birth of their son. (Credit: SWNS)

However, this still left a significant shortfall for Louise and Stephen.

The couple were rescued by charities that came to their aid, including Lucy’s Air Ambulance and the Royal British Legion.

Lucy’s Air Ambulance offered to pay £8,000 to bring the newborn baby home.

Meanwhile, the Royal British Legion, which helps members of the British Armed Forces, has offered to pay the remaining amount needed.

“I can’t thank you enough”

After offers of help from charities, the couple released a statement.

It read: “Our son is strong enough to fly home via Lucy Air Ambulance for Children/Capital Air with the special care needed to get our boy home.

“He will return to the UK on Saturday August 6 and then directly to Bath NICU as soon as Louise and Wolfe land in the ambulance where he will remain until he is well enough to finally go home.

“The rest of the costs will be covered by the Royal British Legion, whom we cannot thank enough.

“We would like to thank everyone for supporting us at home and for everyone who made it possible for us to bring our boy home.

“We also want to thank everyone who has donated, I can’t thank you enough.

“I hope that one day in the future I can return the kindness and generosity that you all have shown to me and my family.

“Please continue to follow Wolfe’s page for updates. We would love to continue sharing our story with all of you, it’s the least we can do.

“If you would like to donate, please donate to Lucy’s Air Ambulance & Royal British Legion.”


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