County revamps its most publicly used department


This restructuring will eliminate one vacancy, allowing the department to add an additional Head of Property Transfers and split the work into two departments. Freitas said the change will allow employees to focus more clearly on their core function. The other new positions are entry level jobs to help with the high volume of work.

By analyzing the departments, Freitas realized that there was a need for an additional layer of leadership. She stated that this proposal creates an additional rung in the career ladder. “We believe the addition of these two professional growth opportunities will not only provide additional supervisory support, but will also help reduce turnover,” Freitas said.

On the clerk/flutist side, Freitas will add a position called clerk clerk manager. This position will relieve pressure on staff and provide more efficient services. Some existing jobs will also be reclassified to facilitate advertising and recruitment.

With the help of his colleagues, the department has created a new mission, vision and guiding values ​​for employees to follow. Freitas consulted with different appraisers across the state to figure out how to best operate his department. She worked with human resources, held exit interviews and analyzed diagrams to gather Ins to make better decisions for its employees.

She created a document and hung it in the office to codify the department’s renewed mission, vision and guiding values ​​to remind them of the “why” behind their work.

“This document serves as a guide to where we are heading our organization,” Freitas said. said told the guards. “These principles, behaviors and values ​​highlight our priorities as a service, today and tomorrow. As our values ​​indicate, we focus on empowering our employees, evaluating our processes and maximizing our productivity.


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