Community watches over Lexington wild turkey



LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56 / WKYT) – A wild turkey has made Lexington home and she has gained a lot of followers in the community that watches over her.

It’s not every day that you see a wild turkey in the middle of a big city, but locals in the Lexington neighborhoods bordering the British Arboretum tell us.

“Dorothée the Turkey” is seen so often that she won a following on Facebook.

Locals say Dorothy has been seen both in the Arboretum and in their own backyards.

Karen Dobson says she’s seen the turkey for three years now. Karen’s property backs onto the Arboretum, and she says Dorothy frequently visits her garden, even on her patio.

“I think she’s really drawn to people. Places where there is free food and birdbaths to drink water and, therefore, she has become very domesticated, Dobson said.

Karen says her father leaves a lot of food in the yard for Dorothy and is probably the cause of her visits.

We couldn’t catch up with Dorothy for this story, but Karen pointed out that she was probably squatting somewhere due to the wet weather.



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