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Nine street and bridge projects funded by Joplin’s sales tax for capital projects have been completed since voters approved a 10-year renewal of the tax in 2014.

That leaves another 10 projects plus ongoing street and intersection maintenance to be done before the three-eighths of a cent tax expires on January 1, 2025.

Dan Johnson, deputy director of the engineering section of the public works department, said: ‘The next program will be presented to voters, we expect, in August 2024, and we are preparing for that.

He took stock of the plans at an informal meeting of the city council held before the regular 6 p.m. meeting on Monday.

The tax is intended to fund major capital projects, including transportation and airport projects and the construction of trails and bridges.

Projects already completed include the construction of an Interstate 44 overpass that will be integrated with the ongoing Connecticut Avenue widening. There is more work ahead to widen Connecticut between 32nd and 44th streets. A related project that has been completed is the widening of Range Line 44th Street in Connecticut with the construction of a roundabout in Connecticut.

Improvements to the intersections of 32nd Street, Connecticut and Indiana Avenues, and Main Street are also complete.

The replacement of the bridge over Shoal Creek in the McIndoe Park area to replace the low water bridge and the construction of a new bridge over Schifferdecker at Turkey Creek and Zora Street were also completed.

Johnson talked about projects that are coming up or in the works.

Zora and Duquesne

This is a proposed widening of Zora Street from Range Line Road to Missouri Highway 249 and replacement of the Duquesne Road intersection with a roundabout.

City engineers said earlier when proposing the project for city council approval that it was necessary due to the volume of traffic on Zora and heavy truck traffic from Highway 249 from the Missouri toward Joplin-Webb City Industrial Park.

The project is in the process of obtaining rights of way for the widening works. This phase will cost approximately $2.75 million when all necessary assets are acquired. There will be two more phases to widen the road and build the roundabout.

15th and alignment line

Expansion of the intersection and construction of a city-specification street with a curb and gutter and other features are planned to replace the lane that currently runs east of the road Range Line to Walmart and other companies in this sector. It is also in the process of obtaining rights of way.

The project at the intersection would provide dedicated left and right turn lanes for westbound traffic as well as two lanes for through westbound traffic instead of one as is currently the case. Improved pedestrian crossings and new traffic lights would also be installed.

Approximately 60% of the rights of way have been acquired and this phase is expected to cost $1.95 million when completed.

Connecticut Avenue

Right-of-way assessments and agreements have been completed for the Connecticut Avenue widening from the I-44 bridge south to the new roundabout on 44th Street. The street will be widened to five lanes.

The relocation of utility lines is the next phase. The cost of the entire expansion project is $8 million.

West 32nd Street

Construction work is underway to prepare for the widening of this street from Central City Road to Schifferdecker Avenue to three lanes. The city also acquired the rights of way to eventually make it five lanes wide.

“The contractor will be installing storm sewers this week and will also be doing signage work on 32nd Street and Schifferdecker Avenue,” Johnson said.

A section of 32nd Street was closed last month for initial work, and those closures will occur periodically at various locations along the road for construction, according to city documents.

The $8.2 million project is due for completion in the summer of 2023.

Fourth and Murphy

Changes are planned to realign the intersection of Fourth Street and Murphy Boulevard and to update the lanes to reflect traffic patterns. Turning lanes will be added.

The first phase of the project’s engineering plan is currently being developed for review by the city.

The cost is expected to be $500,000 and there is no specified construction schedule yet.

In addition to streets and bridges, other projects remain to be completed, including the construction of a larger emergency and fire station to serve Joplin Regional Airport and the construction of a new aircraft maintenance building.

Trails are also being built with part of the funding, including the construction of the first phase of the Tin Cup Trail and the construction of a Grand Falls Trail which will be built south of Shoal Creek.

The repair and renovation of the Sixth Street parking garage on Virginia Avenue is to be done with part funding, and it is currently under design.

The tax brings in about $5.6 million a year.


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