Chris Rock and Kevin Hart to Co-Lead Historic NY/NJ Tour


Chris Rock. Kevin Hart. Need I say more?

As if their good, wine-aged standups weren’t enough, the two comedic little bulldozers are about to make even more history with their upcoming tour, “Rock Hart: Only Headliners Allowed.”


Only in New York and New Jersey, the short but surely sweet tour will span five dates at different venues starting July 21.

While Dave Chapelle remained the most controversial comedian of recent years, Hart and Rock maintained their positions at Mount Rushmore alongside Dave. They are ready to join forces and tear down the scene together.

Far from an overnight success, Kevin Hart wasn’t known to many audiences until his lead role in 2002’s Paper Soldiers, much like how Chris Rock’s 1991 role as “Pookie” in New Jack City elevated him from mere comedian to full-fledged actor. . Since their breakout roles, the two have only grown in fan support, peer respect, and career accolades.

On an episode of Shark Tank, guest host Kevin Hart invested in Black Sands Entertainment.

We could all use a good laugh.

With Covid-19 tearing communities apart for the past two years, many comedians have cracked jokes at empty halls, parking cars and social media followers to keep their creative muscles strong. Many remember Dave Chapelle’s 8:26 July 2020 special, which was far from comedic but powerfully poignant in response to the murder of George Floyd.

Kevin Hart released a Zero F*cks Given stand-up special, where he comfortably wore pajamas at home in front of a small but crackling audience. And it’s been four years since Chris Rock’s highly acclaimed Tamborine special hit Netflix.

With so much sadness, grief and loss over the past two years, a good laugh would help us all. NY/NJ area audiences are in for a treat in the summer. General sale for “Rock Hart: Only Headliners Allowed” begins Friday, March 11 at 10 a.m. ET on


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