Capital Region man delivers Thanksgiving meals to families



Last year, Kris Roglieri and his friends helped distribute over 300 turkeys in less than an hour as part of the Big Give Back initiative.

He vowed to be back with more turkeys and more help this year.

“We said for next year we would go big, so we have a thousand turkeys here, with the bindings for that,” Roglieri said. “So a thousand meals, and we’re just trying to get the word out to give as many as possible this year to families in the Capital Region. “

Each box contains a 14-pound turkey, plus side dishes to feed families this holiday season.

This is the second year that Rogleiri has partnered with US Foods to host the event.

He says it’s about giving back after what has been a difficult year for many.

“Just hearing the comments of people, not that we want praise, but people who say they don’t know what they would have done on Thanksgiving without it, that’s what this is, ”Roglieri said.

It takes a lot of help packing and distributing 1,000 meals.

This year, volunteers came from all over, including a few teens from Young Men With Purpose.

“It helps a lot, because like I said, you are helping the community and other people who really can’t afford the things they can,” said Azari Johnson, a volunteer with the group.

Hundreds of cars have passed, leaving with a full meal to take home, with smiles, and wish a Happy Thanksgiving.

“This is what it is about,” said community leadership team vice president Thomas Mueller. It’s the community, it’s the people who give back and the people who have happy holidays. There is nothing better than this. Seeing people in the community come together to help each other out, that’s what it is.

The group distributed 1,000 free meals over two hours to families across the capital region.



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